Among the rooms in a house, there is none other that brings families together than the kitchen. The kitchen is not only the place where meals are lovingly crafted and cooked. But it is also a place where family members and friends create memories. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a spacious and roomy kitchen that would allow for more people to converge in. Although your options may be expanded through conventional kitchen renovations, this is not exactly the case for those who are under contractual constraints. Such as individuals residing in condos do not have this much leverage on redecorating. Luckily, there are nifty ways for your small kitchen to make it look larger. So whether you are billeted at Solstice or any condo elsewhere, here are some techniques you can use:

1. Kitchen Renovations: Paint in White

When it comes to small kitchen renovations, it is necessary to create an illusion of space in order to make it seem bigger. And there is no better way to do this than painting your walls white. This technique would reflect light and would enhance the sense of space by making the walls recede. Additionally, do not just stop at painting the walls white, include the color when it comes to choosing countertops, in your cabinetry, walls and the ceiling. To make sure that the place would not have an antiseptic feel and the ambiance of a hospital, use several shades of white and pepper it with a bit of color so long as the dominant color remains white.

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2. Replace Cabinet Doors With Glass

Make your kitchen appear larger and more elegant by replacing cabinet doors with glass ones. This technique creates depths as it lets the eye see past the cabinet frames and into the contents of it. In a sense, this illusion would make the walls feel farther away. However, to make the illusion work, you need to keep the contents inside the cabinets orderly and organized. As much as possible, color-coordinate it. Remember, clutter makes a room feel crowded.

3. Small Kitchen: Let The Light In

A well-illuminated kitchen looks bigger than a dim kitchen. In the same way, natural light beats out electrical ones all the time as it enlarges any space. However, if the placement of windows in your kitchen does not allow for much natural light to come in, compromise by keeping the window treatments to a minimum.

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4. Streamline Storage

Though there is not much storage in a small kitchen, you should not fall into a pit of clutter either. As it will only make your kitchen look even smaller and more crowded. With this in mind, it is imperative to clear your kitchen from any unnecessary clutter and open up the kitchen space even more.

5. Utilize Stripes

We have all heard how stripes are a wide woman’s enemy when it comes to fashion. In the same vein, this can be a boon in making any space bigger. Striped flooring that runs from side to side will stretch the floor space. Alternatively, you can achieve the same effect just by covering the floor with a large striped rug.

By following these simple tips, you can be assured that your kitchen will look larger and your home more stylish.

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Written by Katheryn Gumba. She is a freelance writer and blogger. She also loves to travel and explore new things.