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Hire Our Construction Equipment For Your Project

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Hiring affordable forklift & crane rental services in Kenya can be challenging. You spend hours, sometimes days searching online for trusted companies at the most competitive rates. And it’s a huge time-consuming. Famio Services is here to help you save valuable time, optimize costs, improve efficiency and reduce risks for your project. It is the finest choice for your logistic services needs in Kenya.

Best equipment with highly qualified operators at the most competitive rates

Our forklift & crane rental services, excavators, bucket loaders, crawler bulldozers come with highly qualified operators at the most competitive price. Various construction equipment for hire available. First, specify your request by filling the questionnaire. Then, within hours, you will receive free quotes from our experienced forklift & crane rental experts. Our Specialists are ready to provide you with the right Construction Equipment in Kenya. You can also contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you

We bring the expertise you’re looking for, straight to you – simply and quick.

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