A nursery should be the most comfortable thing at home; it’s the area where your child will be spending her/his whole day. The nursery should be designed in a way that it is comfortable, safe yet stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Planning a nursery isn’t that hard, but we’ve listed down six steps to a stylish nursery.

#1. The Crib   

the crib-stylish nursery

The crib should be taken the safest in the nursery, make sure the crib meets all safety standards because you will be leaving the kids in there alone. If you’re going to have more kids try to keep the crib’s color neutral so you can use it for the next baby as well. Select a style that matches your taste, so you’re happy with it as well.

#2. The Bedding

The Bedding-stylish nursery

The bedding and crib are the two most important things for a stylish nursery. You can choose a theme. Make sure to buy loads of bedding sheets, so you’re not busy doing laundry every single day. The crib bedding maintains the overall look of the crib as well.

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#3. Changing Table

Changing Table-stylish nursery

Babies want the changing table to be as pleasant as possible. If you have the money and space to buy a free standing changing table, buy one; those are the best ones and the most convenient. Place a bin under the changing table for the diapers. Put some toys on the changing table as well, so the baby is busy while you take care of the business in the house.

#4. The Nursery Chair

The Nursery Chair-stylish nursery

This will be quite important for you in order to have stylish nursery; you’ll be sitting on it while trying to make the baby sleep, read to him on the same chair and feed him as well. Buy a rocking chair, so the movement helps both, you and the baby to sleep much faster. Make sure the rocking chair includes arms for arm rest. Buy a nursery glider that has good quality and reflects your taste so after some time you can move it into the living room.

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#5. Storage

Storage-stylish nursery

Kids always have the most stuff, toys, diapers, clothes, shoes, and so many other things. Get an open cabinet storage so the room looks more like a nursery and comfortable as well, you can even put the blankets and extra pillows in there as well. Get a storage that can hold other things as well and not just diapers because, to be honest, he or she will be done with that phase before you know it.

#6. Stylish Nursery Décor

Finally, after you’ve taken care of the main things, you should start focusing on the small details and decor of the nursery. Add some rugs to the nursery and some furniture that is baby friendly. Get a woolen rug, so the baby is also comfortable on it. If this is your second child, you can consider putting the first child’s old toys in the nursery as well. One of the stylish nursery decorating ideas is to put some colorful art designs up on the walls and some frames too. This will all inspire the baby a lot since he or she will be spending their entire day in there looking around.

I believe this article will help you out! Stay safe!

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