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Famio Services is a supply chain company based in Kenya specialized in logistic and general services. Adding value to businesses is what we do. We help our clients save time, optimize costs and reduce risks regarding their service needs across the country.

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♦ Logistic services

♦ Event Management

♦ Home & Office improvement  

♦ Professional services  

♦ Heavy construction Equipment Rental

About- Famio Services Limited

Streamline Your Supply Chain & Reduce Costs With Famio Services

No matter your industry, profession or company, but having an ally on your side can be a huge benefit. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to supplement your resources with the leading services partner in Kenya. You are in the business of getting results and we are here to help you succeed in that business. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer services. And regardless of your time frame or challenges, our expert team will help you achieve your goals. With us, you can rightly expect the very best in term of quality, cost competitiveness and time-saving. If you really want to reduce costs, streamline your supply chain and increase your profits then Famio services is the ideal partner for you.

Success is often about choosing the right partner. At Famio Services Limited, we provide the smartest solutions for your Logistic, Home improvement and Event service needs in Kenya. Additionally, you are in safe and efficient hands because we understand what services mean to our clients. First of all, we organize ourselves around your requirements. Then we focus on quality and safety whilst minimizing costs in every project. We work very closely with our clients to provide them with the right services and support for their projects. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist you.