Renovating your kitchen is not a quick process. It takes considerable time and effort to get the kitchen of your dreams and, long before the first piece of physical work is undertaken. it will ideally go through substantial planning and budgeting. With the right amount of planning, however, the dream kitchen is quite attainable. It’s a matter of thinking about the kitchen style that you wish to achieve. And marrying that with how to implement it.

If you’re unsure of where to begin, start with white. This neutral color mixes perfectly with almost any other and its simple, understated nature still manages to look quite classy. Indeed, it’s not at all rare to see kitchens with a predominantly white color scheme. If all white is too banal for your tastes, though, complement it with an accent color that is repeated in a pattern throughout the kitchen. The accent color could also help with determining what appliances to purchase. So that they will fit in with the overall design scheme.

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Kitchen Style

If you’re seeking inspiration for a kitchen style, magazines and sites like Pinterest are a treasure trove of stunning ideas. By browsing through these and saving any ideas that you like, you’ll soon assemble a handy scrapbook that will make it far easier for you to choose the style that you want. Plus, there’s a good chance that, as you add to your collection, you’ll notice some discernible trends emerging that are likely to guide your decision.

Of course, renovations cost money. So you can’t just blindly run with your favorite idea if you don’t have the finances for it. Set a budget at 15% of your home’s overall value. In order that you don’t end up spending a disproportionate amount on the work. Although it’s good to aim towards the 15% mark in so far as possible. So that you don’t go to the other extreme and budget far too little for a project that’s likely to cost more than you originally envisaged. This infographic from Australian Stone gives plenty of tips on how to discover the perfect style for your remodeled kitchen.

How to Find Your Kitchen Style

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