7 Ways How Light Affects One’s Emotional Quotient

>>7 Ways How Light Affects One’s Emotional Quotient
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Light plays a crucial role in maintaining the flow of our ecosystem. Since us, the humans, being a social animal and a part of the above-mentioned ecosystem are also affected by how, when and by what intensity the light falls. It has been scientifically proved that lights can even affect your emotional quotient in day-to-day life. So, if you are having a bad day at the office or feeling Monday Blues…just blame the light!!! Well, here are 7 ways how light affects one’s emotional quotient.

#1. Soft Light Arouses Pleasure Hormones

emotional quotient-soft light-pleasure hormones

Firstly, we all know why bars and massage parlors always operate under shady and dim lights. Got it! Soft light always triggers the arousal of pleasure hormones – The Endorphins and Dopamine. Yes, they are the natural painkillers. Also, your creative juices flow effortlessly when the lights around turn down. Add soft lights for your bedrooms and kitchens. A layered approach to light is needed to illuminate the entire space while still maintaining the warm and serene atmosphere. You should make sure the lights aren’t too bright or else it could leave you with a sore eye.

#2. Light Positions can Affect Your Mood

emotional quotient-light position

Different light colors and intensities can really affect your mood for the day. Well, stepping on your dog’s tail while getting down wouldn’t be the right wake up call. You can either laugh about this or be grumpy how bad your day turned out to be. Well, here too the culprit can be the lights. During the daytime, your room should be reflecting enough natural outdoor light that matches up to the intensity level your eyes can adjust to when entering from outside. This will keep you cheerful and fills you up with positivity. And in the night, a focused spotlight over ceiling wall bounces off the hue and sets the tone for the entire room. Moreover, this will make ease your stress from the long day and keeps you energized.

#3. Natural light Lifts Up Your Mood

emotional quotient-lift mood

Did you ever notice why you feel motivated and more energized on sunny days and drowsy in an overcast weather? This is because sunlight rays are responsible for evoking alertness and revitalizing your body functionality by distributing energy throughout your body. Now, you got the point why you are more productive and focused in the morning and daylight.

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#4. Bright Light Intensifies Emotions

emotional quotient-bright light

A recent study in 2014 suggests that human emotions under bright light intensify and they become warmer even when room temperature is being kept unchanged. Also, humans feel more energetic as the intensity of light increases. Lighting up every room in your house is important but it should not be limited to look attractive but also functional. We spend most of the time grooming ourselves in the bathroom and it is necessary that light inside should match to the natural light tone because this is how you look in real. The more confident you are with your looks the better your day will be.

#5. Dark Lights Could Raise Depression Levels

emotional quotient-dark light-depression

Have you ever noticed why a sense of loneliness prevails only under the gloomy shades? It is a scientifically proven fact that exposure to dark lights or lights of longer wavelength evokes stress hormone that causes fear and depression level rise in human mind. Also, as longer wavelengths lights carry less energy, we tend to speak in a feeble tone.

#6. Emotional Quotient: Blue Light Importance

emotional quotient-blue light importance

Exposure to the source that emits blue light allows our brain to grasp information quicker and accurate. Lights which are shorter in wavelength and high in energy helps in making us more productive. Not only humans, even birds, and animals also get excited when exposed themselves under the clean blue sky – Ever notices birds soar up high when the sky is clear and blue. Working space is supposed to reflect a productive and peaceful atmosphere. And the ability of the mind to get focused can only be achieved when exposed to shorter wavelength lights. These are high-energy spectrum lights which instantly make the ambiance ecstatic.
Additionally, LED lighting scheme of color temperature – 4000 to 5000K works best for your retina receptors. Working under a fairly blue light will make your more productive and creative.

#7. Changing Behaviour With Change In Lights

emotional quotient-changing light-behavior

So far we have known that different colors of light and varying intensity affect our mind and actions but our behavior toward others also get affected by this. The human body clock gets triggered by certain retina receptors that help in secretion of the hormones like adrenaline that are primarily responsible for the change in human behavior. Therefore, as intensity heightens, our voice tone also gets louder and we tend to speak in a soft voice when the light is kept dim.


So, you have seen how the types of light and different lighting levels play a crucial role in our overall emotional being. It is important to keep the right balance and manipulate your everyday lighting exposure for the better.

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