A girl’s beauty routine is always evolving and dealing with makeup can be a real struggle sometimes. But, here are 5 amazing makeup tips every woman should know to make their life easier.

5 Makeup Tips

1. Long-lasting lipstick

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Keeping your lipstick on your lips is a challenge for a lot of ladies. There’s nothing more frustrating than leaving your house with a perfect pout and needing to reapply an hour later after two sips of coffee. All you have to do is to use lipstick, a similar or matching liner, translucent powder, a brush, and a tissue. First, define your lip shape with liner. Line the outer corner of your lips preferably with the shade near the color of the lips. Then apply your lipstick. After that take a tissue and place it over your lips. Then, take a translucent powder on a brush and dab it onto the tissue over your lips. Now you’ll save yourself the frustration of the hourly reapplication of your lipstick

2. Avoid Mascara Clumps by using Petroleum Jelly

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Ever in a rush for an event and trying to get your mascara just right when it decides to clump? It’s very embarrassing. Sometimes you don’t have time to redo your makeup.  But that’s why petroleum jelly is so handy (usually known as the brand name Vaseline). Apply a little to your lashes before putting on mascara, and you’ll be sure to avoid clumps.

3. Use white eyeliner as an eyeshadow base

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Eyeshadow base that can help eye shadows to last and keep their colors true. A clean white base allows the actual color of the eyeshadow to show up and also prevents discoloration that might occur when eye shadow is placed directly over the foundation or a powdered base.

4. The best place to match your foundation is your neck


There are several makeup tips regarding the best place to match your foundation. But the standard advice is to choose the foundation shade that “disappears” into your skin. To avoid your face being a different color from your neck, test foundations on your neck and NOT your hand or wrist. This will give you a much more natural look. So you do not look like a mask.

5. Revive dried out mascara with eye drops


Girls generally don’t show much effort and just discard the dry mascara and get a new one. You don’t need to throw it away anymore. You can revamp your mascara with just this tip. The main reason why mascara dries up so soon is that air gets into it. One of the best ways to fix it is to use eye drops. Put about 10 drops of any generic eye drop. Close the wand and give it a good shake. Your mascara will be as good as a new one. Don’t use water, because it won’t work at all if it’s waterproof mascara. it can cause your mascara to flake.

Hope you liked these makeup tips and feel free to drop a comment in the section below.