The living room is one of the first areas in a house that is often noticed by everyone. This is where you welcome your visitors so it needs to look and feel comfortable. The arrangement of furniture and decoration is crucial as it can either enhance your living room or degrade it. Spacious living rooms may have many different roles, most especially if there are no extra rooms around to cover for those. Thus, living room ideas must be analyzed meticulously and planned with extra care. When designing a spacious living room, the most crucial rule is to make it comfortable. You have to eliminate the feeling of emptiness without making it too crowded. Meydan Developers share eight important things you must know when styling your wide living room.

1. Comfort is a Priority

You can spend your money on all the newest trends, but this will be worthless without the comfort that your living room should provide. Comfort is often the reason why casual and cozy designs are common wherein most owners are pairing different sets of accessories and making unexpected choices.

2. The Central Role of a Coffee Table

A coffee table has the mysterious capability to attract attention to it even when you didn’t originally plan it as a focal piece. However, this table can be too small to make your living room feel compact. Combining them with some sectionals and armchairs is the best solution to this problem.

3. Color Can Be Used to Set the Mood

The feelings of your visitors, while they are in your spacious living room, will greatly depend on the colors you have chosen. To give off a sense of energy or make your space truly relaxing, you can actually use various shades of color. Just make sure to set the right intensity and tone. Whites, soft blues, and neutrals, for instance, can impart feelings of serenity. This puts them among the perfect choices for formal and elegant gatherings. You may need to soften the room using a light carpet to avoid giving off an uninviting, cold effect.

4. Unfinished Walls Have a Negative Impact

Living rooms act as a transition area between the public and private spaces in your home, so you must make them as comfortable and welcoming as possible. Make sure, though, that it reflects who you are and what you stand for. Treating wall coverings accordingly is the best way to convey this message. Today, there are plenty of ways for you to finish your walls. Also, there are several coverings you can choose from to tune the mood. You can use chic prints, murals, artwork, and warm textures and patterns that can make your wall appear artsy and sophisticated.

5. Installing Stylish yet Practical Floors is a Must

The living room is definitely one of the high-traffic areas in your home so you need to install flooring coverings that can sustain wear and tear. But aside from durability, you must also consider comfort. As much as possible, use something less bold and calmer like neutral, solid floors that will not distract visitors from admiring your artwork and furniture. Light hardwood decorated with area rugs, stone flooring or carpets are other great options.

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6. Transform It into a Conversation Area

Whatever your lifestyle is, your living room will be primarily used for interaction and gatherings. And this is exactly what your decoration and furniture arrangement must promote. Ideally, you must pull seating elements closer, facing each other. Also, you have to set the mood with the right lighting. Make sure to bring extra benches and chairs to secure sufficient space for those who want to join in the conversation.

7. Spacious Living Room: Make the Most of the View

While you are arranging your furniture, you must consider where natural light is coming in. As much as possible, you must direct it towards the main conversation areas. Take advantage of the stunning window scenery, so you must position some seating around it. To achieve a better effect, consider installing skylights above the conversation zone.

8. Plan the Lighting in Advance

You need to plan the distribution of illumination ahead of time. For instance, install some purpose lighting and position light sources in a rough triangle to guarantee an entertaining and relaxing setting. You can also opt for overlapping arcs; Because they can redirect lights on the seating arrangements rather than on the wall. This can also attract everyone to sit without you even saying anything about it. But if you want your visitors to rest, opt for subtle table lamps. Styling a spacious living room is challenging — there are many empty spaces to fill in. But avoid bringing in too much furniture and decorations. Because you may end up having a cluttered or crowded living room. Educate yourself on how to properly design a wide living room. And always remember that the key here is to prioritize comfort.

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