“Freedom would be meaningless without security in the home and in the streets.” –Nelson Mandela

One of the words that have been making rounds online is the Internet of Things, or for brevity, the IOT. To the uninitiated, the internet of things is a collection of devices—smart devices that would enable you to further improve home security. While the idea of utilizing the internet to access devices and gadgets that would make our home security even better might sound incredible, it is not really too far off. If anything, the time is ripe for technology such as this one. After all, in an era of smartphones, smart tablets, smart TV’s, would it be not appropriate to have smart houses as well?

Of course, this is only possible if your wifi connection is also fast and reliable to ensure optimum performance of these objects. Possession and installation of these devices have been proven to deter burglars; As it has been shown that accessibility of a home is the number one reason for thieves in marking a home as their target. However, with the installation of smart devices, you can easily address this problem. In any case, here are some of the things you can expect to change with the rise of the Internet of Things:

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#1. Cheaper Home Security Cameras

Back in the day, it seems like only notable personalities, incredibly important people and extremely wealthy people can get their hands on a home camera security system. Today, getting yourself one and installing it in your home is not just affordable, it is easy. Today, you would not have to pay a premium per month just to have a good security camera. With so many variations, you can simply choose to buy the affordable one. Furthermore, you would no longer need a server just to store the data; it would all be collected in the cloud.

#2. Fingerprinting scanning Devices

A decade ago, this seemed like the kind of technology available only to CIA agents and spies in espionage movies. However, nowadays, it is an omnipresent feature in most gadgets. From something as diminutive as our phones to door locks, it seems like fingerprint scanning is everywhere. In the next few years, we can probably have it available in homes. And in this regard, picking locks would prove to be an obsolete skill soon.

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#3. Less Expensive Surveillance

Of course, technology keeps getting updated and is getting better at catching criminals. As a result, security and surveillance expenses are cheaper. Companies would not have to hire an army of security guards just to be on watch. And they would just require the services of a third party where they can be alerted should there be any suspicious activity. This third party would then decide what course of action to take which would significantly cut down costs. Also, this will significantly decrease false alarms. With better surveillance technology at our disposals, we can expect to see more affordable prices in surveillance systems so that they will be able to accommodate more customers. What was once only available only to big companies can now even be available for your homes.

 #4. Better Home Control

Probably the biggest change that the internet of things has brought is the wide leverage of control it affords its users; even when they are away. With its installation, users can now control temperature systems, lock the doors, turn off lights and TVs from wherever they might be in the world. Furthermore, you can instantly get notifications from your smartphone whenever anything has been touched or removed. Double that with the features of your home security camera and you basically have a house that is supremely secure.

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