There are things in life that cannot be compromised, and security is one of them. With growing instances of terrorism, kidnapping, crime, robbery, it is vital to take measures to protect yourself and your assets. Since your safety and the security of your organization are at stake, hiring a security company should not be a decision to be taken lightly. The following tips will provide you with insights to help you find good security services in Kenya.

1. License

The first element to check while looking for a security firm in Kenya is the company license. When a security firm is licensed and authorized by the government, then it is running within the stipulated laws of the area. But hiring a security company that has not the right certifications and licenses to operate in Kenya may end up in causing so much trouble.

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2. Expertise

The next important consideration is the services the company offers. For instance, a company specialized in providing virtual security like CCTV systems is not necessarily apt to provide VIP protection or security guards. So Look for a company that has experience in providing the services that you need. It is better to choose a company that offers a wide range of services like guards, advanced security devices, patrolling and so on.

3. Security Company Location

Location matters when it comes to security. Many security firms are willing to offer services to anyone, anywhere. However, locally based companies can provide faster intervention in case of an emergency. Additionally, they have specific knowledge about security concerns of the region or area. Finally, make sure that the company has a 24/7 operations center that can be reached at all times. If you notice communication problems with a prospective company, it is better to consider other options.

4. Security Services Rate

Undoubtedly the rate is important when looking for any security services. However, do not compromise with quality while picking a cheaper option. Because the sweetness of savings is often replaced by the bitterness of poor quality and value. Also, transparency is key. You can ask the company to specify security officer wages in the proposal. For example, the minimum wage for night guards in Nairobi, Kenya is KSH 12,221.10 according to

5. Quality & Professionalism

When it comes to security companies, go for the experience, quality, and professionalism. Always make sure to find out what is their procedure for recruiting guards. And also if they:

  • provide effective security training to the guards
  • operate with the modern security tools and techniques
  • provide security analysis and performance report

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6. Compatibility

Find a company that understands your goals and mission as a business. A company that will provide guards who look presentable and know how to communicate with people. Always ensure that there is a compatibility between the security company and your business. Because after all it’s not only about safety but it also about the image of your organization.

7. Add Value

With so many options available out there, it is smarter to consider what additional value the security services company can offer. For instance, does the company offer a discount for customer loyalty or referrals? What happens if you move? Or how far can they go to ensure the security of your property? By following these tips, you will be able to pick the right security service providers for your needs.

But in case you feel overwhelmed in finding suitable security services in Kenya, then contact Famio logistic Services today. We will be happy to assist you.

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