“Focus on being productive instead of busy,” said Tim Ferris. Being productive is all about effectiveness. Do more, faster with less. In today world, we are more and more required to be more productive. So if you really want to increase your efficiency, here are some productivity tips you should not ignore. It will help manage your life better, avoid low priority tasks, and achieve your goals more efficiently in lesser time.

1. The Art of Saying “No”

It’s so clear that if you spread yourself by making so many commitments, you cannot be productive. How many commitments have you made that actually didn’t really need to be made? When you get a request to do something or to participate in some activities, the first thing to consider is whether it’s part of your own priorities (work, family etc.) or not.  If not then just say “No”. By practicing the art of saying “No”, you will significantly increase your focus, minimize stress and definitely increase your productivity.

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2. To Be Productive, Set Goals

Setting goals is an important element of productivity tips. Because having goals can stimulate planning, actions and increase performance. Having a goal is great but setting SMART goals is greater. Just keep in mind the SMART principles: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. By following these criteria, you will set goals that will help you achieve your objectives.

3. Avoid Multitasking For Better Productivity

Multitasking is like forcing your brain to switch back and forth between different tasks. You think you can get more done by juggling multiple tasks at the same time. But research shows that when you toggle back and forth between tasks, the neural networks of your brain must backtrack to figure out where they left off and then reconfigure. That extra activity causes you to accomplish each task less effectively. And also, you tend to make more mistakes. So If you really want to be more productive, then you should avoid multitasking because it rarely works.

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4. Productivity Tips: Categorize Your “To-Do-List”

Keep your “to-do-list” in writing. Leave space in your head for thinking and ideas. Also, put your “to-do-list” into categories: career, relationships, self-improvement etc. According to Forbes, a “to-do-list” must be simple, and priority must be given to the most important things. Putting first things first means doing important things as early in the day as possible. This is because your focus and performance peak early in the day compared to later in the afternoon or evening. Additionally, for big projects, cut it in smaller tasks.

5. Your “Done-List”

One of the most powerful productivity tips that many people ignore is a “done-list. It is your metric. It tracks what you have accomplished in a given time. That matters a lot for a better productivity. Because your “done-list” is a list of tasks you have completed and the challenges you have overcome. It demonstrates progress. Seeing your achievements inspire you and make you more productive. In fact, your “done-list” is more important than your “to-do-list”. Looking at it will energize you, fuel your confidence, and encourage you to push forward and add more to your list. Give it a try today and you’ll see the results.

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6. Take Breaks

Working for hours does not mean you are productive. Sometimes, the best way to get something done is to just take a break and stop working on it for a while. Breaking time is good for creativity. It allows new ideas to immerse in your subconscious, causing your neurons to make new connections. Additionally, healthy people are more productive. Exercise makes you healthier, so be sure to exercise regularly. Just do something to get your heart pumping and your blood racing. It will enhance your general well-being as well as your ability to think more clearly.

7. Email Checking

Nowadays, checking emails is one of the most common online activities in the world. However, this has a significant impact on your daily productivity. Recent research shows that the more frequently you check your email, the more stressed you feel. Also, British Columbia found that when people were limited to checking their email, their stress levels decreased significantly. So checking emails less frequently reduces stress. The best way to deal with this is to set time, to not check your email, so that you can focus and be more productive.

Being productive for one day is easy. Being productive day after day, month after month, for years and years, requires commitment, diligence, and determination.

Written by Famio Services Team