Choosing a company or an expert for your cell phone, IPad, iPhone or Laptop repair service requires a great deal of consideration and it’s not something we recommend compromising on. It can substantially impact your bottom line by saving you time and money while providing you with peace of mind. There are many online repair websites. No matter what you may have done to your device, it is very important to know where to take it for proper repair if you want to avoid contracting an unworthy repair service company. Particularly, when the assurance expired or perhaps the damage incurred is not covered by the warranty terms, it’s highly recommended that you bring your gadget to the proper repair provider. Here are some suggestions to help you:

1. Reputation

That is the primary thing to check. Always look for a company that has qualified and experienced technicians. When you are seeking out a repair service provider, do not necessarily go for the nearby repair services. There are other experts and more reliable that are accessible. You also need to ensure that you have read good reviews along with the bad ones so you can properly gauge which service provider to work with.

2. Type of services

It’s very vital to consider the range of services they provide. Bear in your mind that you may face different issues related with iPhone repair. It’s wiser for you to be able to choose an expert offering a huge range of services that can handle all possible issues related to your gadget.

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3. Know-how

Technicians have to be professional, certified, and experienced. Everyone wants to get good quality results in a short period of time. Therefore, make sure that you get a feeling of the know-how of the professionals. Do not forget to engage them in a conversation and asking them their qualification and past experiences.

4. Repair time frame

The repair time may vary from one company to another depending on many factors. For instance, if there are customers ahead of you or if your device involves a heavy diagnostic then it would take longer. However, a smashed iPhone or iPhone screen should take no longer than an hour from beginning to complete, which means you may most possibly wait for it. For common repairs on iPhones, don’t expect to leave your iPhone for more than a few hours. If they’re telling you days, be careful. Any professional repair company should be open about the repair time frame of your device and give you a receipt for it when you drop it off.

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5. Pricing Of Repair Service Company

Price is a key point when you are looking for a repair service company. you want to get your device repaired at a price no one can beat. But be conscious that does not affect the quality of the part they will use to repair your gadget.  Sometimes the cheapest will cost you much more in the long run. Don’t be a victim, make sure you take into account all that we have mentioned before making any decision. There is no doubt that pricing is the most important factor when it comes to decision making but it should not be the only one to consider.

6.  Shortlist 

Do your own homework. It’s better to have 3 or 4 choices so you can compare prices, company profiles and then hire the right specialists. The motive of this quick-list is to identify the ones that best meet your needs. Despite the fact that it may be time-consuming it is really worth carrying out it with care and consideration. However, in case you need assistance, Famio Services can help you with affordable computer maintenance and services in Kenya. It’s faster, more reliable and convenient.

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Written by Famio Services Team