No need to say that WhatsApp is the most utilized mobile messenger app in the world nowadays. Teenagers, parents, businessmen, corporates and almost everyone who has a phone use this application to communicate. Simple, funny, and very convenient, WhatsApp has made life easier for millions of people. However, here are 5 Awesome WhatsApp tips you may not know yet, which are very useful. Let’s start!

1. Read message without the sender knowing

These tips will help you deal with uncomfortable situations. There are 3 options:

  • Option 1: Turn off the “read receipts” functionality

Firstly, open WhatsApp, and then go to Settings. On the Settings section, tap on “Account” and then on “Privacy.” Finally, uncheck the “Read receipts” checkbox just under the “Messaging” section.

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This way, the sender will never know whether you read the message or not. But the trick is you won’t be able to see from other people. If you feel uncomfortable with that, you can try the alternatives below.

  • Option 2: Turn on “Airplane” mode

Another smart way to overcome the blue tick is to put your phone in “Airplane mode”. Then open WhatsApp and read your messages. After reading, close your application.

Turn on Airplane mode-Famio Services

That’s it. Very simple. WhatsApp still thinks you have not opened those messages.

  • Option 3: Install the “Unseen” App

This technique allows you to read your WhatsApp conversation through the Unseen application. There won’t be the Blue double check mark when you read your WhatsApp messages through “Unseen – No Last Seen” app.

Unseen app-awesome whatsapp tips

The good news is that you can see from other if they have read your message or not without worries.

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2. Change Your Text Style And Enhance Your Message Tones

You can use this tip to give another font to your text and enhance the tone of your message.

  • To Bold a text: just add an asterisk (*) symbol before and after your text. Example: *Your Text*
  • To write a text in Italic: add underscore  (_) symbol before and after your text. Example: _Your text_
  • To put Strikethrough text: just add tildes symbol before and after your text. Example: ~Your Text~

change text font in whatsapp-Famio Services

Very simple. But for this tip to work you must get the latest version of WhatsApp. If your phone has an old version, then just update it.

3. Send or Share your location

Do you want to confirm where is your spouse, your child or your friend when they are telling you they are at “location A” but in reality, they are at” location B”? Or maybe they are lost and they want to share their location with you? Then just follow these easy steps that you can also use to share your position with others:

First of all, open WhatsApp, then select an existing conversation or a new message.

  • For iPhone: Click the + icon or arrow icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Then tab “Share location”. That’s all.

share location-awesome whatsapp tips

Your current location will appear and you just have to tap “send your current location”. That’s it. Simple.

  • For Android: Open your WhatsApp chat in which you wish to send your location. Click the “Attach” button, then select “location”.

share location on android

Your current location will appear and you just have to tap “send your current location”. And the job is done!

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4. Find out when exactly your message has been read

One of the awesome WhatsApp tips is this feature. Because you will be able to see how long you have been ignored. To find out what time your message has been read on your phone, just follow this tips:

Firstly, open your WhatsApp chat. Select your message. Then press on the message for few second to open up the message info tab. Then click on “Info” and you’ll be able to see the exact time it was delivered and read.

awesome whatsapp tips1-message info

With that, you can know how long your message has been ignored.

5. Recover deleted message

The latest WhatsApp functionalities create an automatic backup file of your data and store it. So to recover the deleted data in WhatsApp you just have to follow the following steps:

First, you should uninstall WhatsApp on your Phone. Then, reinstall it and sign in your account again.

recover deleted message in whatsapp

Finally, you will see a message asking you to restore your backup file after reinstalling WhatsApp. Just tap “Restore”. That’s all.

Do you know other awesome WhatsApp tips? Please, feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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