It is quite common to see a lot of artists lack knowledge in marketing their art. Being an artist, your work does not only entail that you create art and let it be. If you want the world to see your art, better yet make money from it, you need to get out there and market yourself, and your art. As an artist, there’s a lot of business involved in your work. Art jobs are a lucrative business, only if you know how to do it. You cannot simply make art and expect clients and representatives to appear at your doorstep out of nowhere. So, how do you get yourself out there? It isn’t only about speaking about yourself to prospective clients but also evaluates what kind of clientele that you really want to focus on.

However, you do have to keep one thing in mind that marketing your art does not only mean putting your work out anywhere you get your hands on. You should be selective with your art galleries and the various art fairs where numerous works of art are displayed. Your work of art is personal to you in some way or the other, and putting it out for the world to see only to face disappointment isn’t the way to go. Although rejections and obstacles are just part and parcel of life, if you’re facing these on a regular basis, there’s something wrong with your approach. And, this calls for an immediate change, an update, rather. Here are some ways you can ensure that your art is being marketed well and sold accordingly:

#1. Pick Your Target Clients


How often have you asked yourselves who do you want to sell your art to? No, “everybody” is not the answer. You cannot sell your art to everybody. The reason being, not everybody’s tastes coincide. To really figure who your target clients could be, you can take a look at your previous sales. What is the kind of people who are usually drawn to your art? What kind of art are your ideal clients interested in? Then you can draw a common denominator and eventually work your way towards it. You can also consider whether your art is preferred by private collectors or belongs to the public art for medical needs, for instance. Try to make an estimate who and how your art can contribute.

#2. Speak About Your Art

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A good artist knows how to speak about her art in a way that they’re intriguing to the listeners. There’s a thin line between being interesting and informative, and being an outright bore. You wouldn’t want to be the latter, or you’d have the opposite effect of attracting clients. Try to talk about your art in a simple way. You do not have to add thick art-terms in order to sound intellectual. People want to buy from someone with whose art they can connect with. And sometimes, they might be looking for an artist with whom they can find the right amount of connection. And, for this, all you need to do this communicate what inspired you to make that particular art. This way, your audience might find common ground with some memories of their own.

#3. Decide Where You Want to be Featured


It is natural for an artist to want to be featured in a huge art gallery, or some blue-chip New York museum. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Does the museum feature the kind of art which you’re into? This is one of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself when you’re considering to get featured in a museum where almost every artist wants to. With art, it’s always quality over quantity. If these top-tier museums feature the art of your kind, then there’s nothing to worry about. In case it doesn’t, there’s always someplace else you can consider.

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#4. Be Ready, Always

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Always, keep your business card with you. You never know when you will need to hand it away to someone important. A prospective client, maybe. An art representative. It could be anyone. You can’t be too sure when and where you can bump into someone, or get introduced to someone you might want to stay connected with, in the long run. While we’re talking about your business card, make sure you have your website written on it. Yes, you do need a website. How else do you expect people to know about your work? You cannot carry your portfolio everywhere. Even if you do, you cannot simply flash it out randomly in front of a person. If she’s interested enough, she’ll take a look at your website. So, make sure you have a good, presentable, and easily navigable website.

#5. Tell Your Story

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This is pretty much related to the concept of speaking about your art. While speaking about why you do what you do is imperative, what’s also important is that you tell your own story. How you came to be an artist? What is it that inspired to be one? What would you have been if not an artist? Telling your story is one way of capturing the attention of your targetted audience. This can build an immense amount of relation with your client base and also help them have a deeper understanding of your art. This would also answer the most important question about why they should be buying your art.

So, we have provided you with the most actionable ways you can sell and market your art. At the end of the day, being an artist is a profession. And, this entails that you act professionally when you’re dealing with prospective clients. Make good use of these tips and have your way to being a successful artist sooner than you’d know.

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