Bi-folding doors are being increasingly used nowadays. Unlike French doors that offer only double width opening, bi-folding doors running zig-zag into themselves take up less space and expand the width of the opening. Although they have been a part of the ancient architecture, modern materials have added larger bi-folding doors for big glazing sections in the houses. In this article, we will talk about some of the most amazing ways to use bi-folding doors in living rooms:

1. Hide-and-Seek

Those of you who think bi-folds are meant only for glazed doors, this is for them. Use it for your closets. Replace traditional doors, taking up more room with bi-folds or for other general storage purposes. Hide a television set or a music system in the living room. Also, if you are using your living space as your home office, it can make the place look cluttered and clumsy. Tucking away all your office stuff behind a bi-folding door will make it look clean and tidy.

2. A Wall with No Wall

You can transform your living space by replacing one of the walls with a bi-folding wall. It will add a new dimension to the place. Besides looking larger, it will turn into a perfect summer hangout for families and friends. But remember, with kids in the house, use doors that sit in runners as it makes it easy for them to open and close without hurting themselves.

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3. Dividers

Bi-folding doors are used more for connecting patios to the interior of the house. However, they can be utilized for dividing an internal space as well. When aiming to maintain the consistency of the design even after dividing the space, bi-fold doors are perfect. They divide the internal space seamlessly, making the place look homogeneous and stunning.

4. Timber

Forget polyvinyl or other bi-folding doors when the living area is designed using wood. Make your bi-folding doors stand out with timber bi-folds. You can match the ceiling or flooring of your living room with a wooden framed bi-folding door to meet the purpose. These would stand out as a feature if you have a wooden veranda.

5. Bring in the Exteriors

A bi-folding door can connect your living room to the outdoors. Utilize the space enhancing properties of bi-fold doors and introduce them in your balcony or terrace. With the addition of exteriors, a tiny place won’t look that tiny anymore. That said, this idea shouldn’t be restricted to smaller spaces. Even bigger living rooms can utilize them to enjoy an uninterrupted outside view.

6. Design a Conservatory or Orangery

A conservatory or orangery allows sunlight to enter the interiors and help one keep warm even when the temperatures are strikingly low outside. Installing bi-folding doors between the conservatory and the living room is an amazing way of expanding the area. Add it and enjoy the view of your garden from your living area sofa via the conservatory or orangery.

7. Modernize a Victorian House

This is the wow factor your Victorian house needs. A classic Victorian house living room can get a modern touch with bi-folding doors. Place them at the entrance to the living area. This addition will brighten up space and also open up the historic layout.

Enjoy the outside view in winters with closed doors and open it up in the summers for a fresh view and air. It provides a contrast to the property, but does not interfere with the design and keeps it clean and stylish.

8. Corner Viewing

Don’t regret not being able to view the garden as it lies in the corner of your house. Add a bi-folding door and rejoice the uninterrupted view from your living room. Bi-folds are ideal for such corner settings.

9. Bi-Folding Doors: Latest Technology

It is the latest in the bi-fold doors. Shades and built-in screens in bi-fold doors keep them safe from insects and also prevent it from overheating in hot summer months. Then there are switchable bi-fold doors. These protect privacy, which is a primary concern with many customers using bi-folds. When shut, it creates privacy while still allowing some amount of light into the room. You can change the atmosphere with a single press of a button.

10. Twin Effect

You may have a single bi-fold door in your living area. However, having more than one will look spectacular. You can have two aluminum bifold doors from Bankstown to complement each other and place them at 90 degrees of each other.

Summing up

Bi-folds are economical and take up less space than other options available. But these are not the only reasons you should install these doors for. Bi-folds are pleasing to the eye and offer the luxury of living indoors while enjoying the outer space besides many others.

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