There are many homeowners who treat their backyard merely as a convenient storage space for disposing of the things that are unnecessary but may come in handy one day. The more clutter there is in a backyard, the less functional and appealing it is, regardless of the size. Still, if only some thought and care was given to the backyard, it could easily and quickly turn into one of the most inviting and beautiful parts of the home, allowing you and your family to spend many hours enjoying some wonderful weather. Yes, making your backyard prettier and turning it into something cozy and attractive doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Let’s see what we can do to achieve this result even with a very restricted budget.

Paint the patio

Maintaining your patio is of great importance if you want your backyard to look appealing. Depending on the materials used and the furniture, you’ll need to protect every item from the elements. Not only should you do that, but also make sure you choose some modern color to maximize the effect.

Adding colors

The best way to make your backyard prettier and spring to life is to add some colorful accents. This is usually done by choosing items such as cushions in some bright and warm colors, or even featuring a modern floral or striped print.


A simple wooden fence can help you create your own private nook, which you can use either to have a chair and a table for yourself, or even introduce a dining table and a grill, where you could entertain your guests away from prying eyes.

Adding style

Your patio or porch might deserve a bit more style and they can almost certainly be made more comfortable. One idea is to create a kind of lounge, using some elements that you don’t need inside the house. For example, a trunk can be used as an outdoor coffee table for a season. That way, you’d save some money and clear some clutter from your home.

Weather-resistant furniture

Reconsider your choice of outdoor furniture if it’s not weather-resistant. If you’re lucky to be living in a warm area with little rain, you might get away with regular furniture that you can hide in case of inclement weather, but if that’s not the case, the only way to go is to invest in some weather-resistant furniture that should serve you for many years to come.

Country living

Providing you have enough space, place your table and chairs on the lawn, away from the house to create an atmosphere of having a meal in the countryside. To make the most of it, plant some colorful plants and shrubs near the table and chairs.

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Make Your Backyard Prettier: Pool

If you have a pool or you’re thinking about installing one, you need to be ready to maintain it properly. Even the smallest pools require constant care but offer so much more in return. So, don’t cut corners when it comes to choosing the right pool paint, filters, and other equipment necessary for maintaining your pool.

Vertical garden

You can actually have a very lush garden even if your backyard is not very big. The secret is in hiding your backyard fence with a vertical garden that is not expensive to create but does require a certain amount of care. Carefully choose the plants that can thrive in the conditions provided by your backyard. Also, feel free to ask a professional for help if you don’t know much about plants.


A medium-sized backyard provides more than enough space for a fancy, cotton canvas tent, which can really add a touch of glamour to the whole place and provide you with a truly unique nook. Just make sure you don’t go for nylon since it’s much less breathable and consequently much hotter. Inside the tent, you can put a rug and some pillows. And the kids and adults will simply find it irresistible.

Stone patio

One of the trendiest things in backyard design is definitely a stone patio. Polished beach pebbles and paver stones are used to create a porous surface, which is at the same time very attractive. If you have some vintage furniture that you’ve protected with the right paint. Add some greenery along the walls and you’re in for a treat.

Naturally, there are many other ways that can help you make your backyard prettier on a budget. But these are just some suggestions that should give you a hint of encouragement that the mission is anything by impossible. It does require some careful planning and a bit more of your time and effort. But the result that you can achieve can either help you create a great space for you and your family or boost the market value of your home if you’re planning to sell it. Either way, you win.

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Amelia Atkins is an author on the site Smooth Decorator and is now a fresh architecture student.