How to Use Dark Colors at Home

>>> How to Use Dark Colors at Home
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Homeowners often stray from dark colors because it feels overwhelming or claustrophobic. The rooms in the home appear small. The colors also won’t reflect light, so it gives a gloomy ambiance when natural light is scarce. Rooms with few openings and small windows become uncomfortable when you don’t have a strategy to maximize the effect of dark paint colors. Still, you can surround a Serendra condo with comfort when you use deep shades of furniture and wall paint. Black tiles, chalkboard paint, gray mattes, shiny lacquers and blue shimmers are some dark ye refreshing colors for interior design. Follow the tips below to make your home nurturing and aesthetically pleasing.

#1. Use the power of lighting

Sticking to a color family shows how natural light and lighting fixtures highlight the features of a room. Pick a color dominant in your house then select two to three shades from the lightest to the darkest. Paint swatches of each color and place them on a corner, near the window or by the doorway. It will show you how lighting affects the color during various points of the day.

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#2. Apply coats of on specific points

Trying out a color out of the norm can be nerve-wracking. If you’re not confident of the outcome, you can try using the dark hue inside cupboards and cabinets, back of bookshelves, window trim, or the flooring. It shifts the focus to the item or features of the room. Thus, it becomes the focal point when you enter the room. You can also work on contained spaces such as the powder room or the hallway. A dark painted hall provides the illusion of large and bright adjacent rooms. When you’re confident to try the deep colors to parts of your home, you can take on the fireplace mantel, doors, and wainscoting.

#3. Work with what you have

Dim rooms appear dull in light colors. Instead of fighting the composition of your home, opt for deep, rich colors to emphasize the natural light. Don’t worry about the size of the room as the dark color defines the area. Besides polishing the place, vibrant shades of paint conceal the chaos. Spread out toys, books and clutter become part of the room and its decorations. Meanwhile, rooms with trims benefit from light paint colors. The combination of dark and bright colors gives the impression of height and width in the space.

 #4. Sand surfaces for a smooth base

Preparation is key when painting over surfaces. Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from dirt, grease and other types of contamination. It’s best to sand all surfaces you plan to coat for a smooth base. That way, colors will blend naturally and have a velvety finish. It’s also essential to apply primer and allow it to dry completely before painting the first coat of color. If you want to achieve a vibrant finish, you must use layers of paint over the surfaces.

#5. Dark Colors: Use contrasting elements of design

Alex Kalita of Common Bond Design in Manhattan uses “the chair-rail effect.”Decorating using a contrasting hue provides architectural variation in a uniform space. A white apartment becomes sophisticated and full of spirit with deep walls inspired by the buildings color scheme. Still, choose a color with the qualities you wish to embody as it’s easy to work with elements in white. If you want to go all the way using dark paint, you can use furniture in neutral colors. Bulky pieces are better off camouflaged on walls in limited spaces. This way, the pieces of furniture won’t compete with other design elements in the area. Dark colors effectively absorb and conceal items.

Interior decorating is exciting this 2018. Several decorating schemes involve bold, dark colors for their richness and character. When you decide to apply unconventional deep colors into your home, you allow yourself to become artistic. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color. It will not only define the design concept of your home, but it will also improve your quality of living. You treat yourself to a creative experience while enjoying the ambiance from the unexpected blasts of color.


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