The widespread adoption of media technologies has put a great impact on parenting. According to a national survey conducted by researchers from Northwestern University, around 38 percent parents are of the view that media and technology have made parenting easier while 30 percent are concerned about their children’s media use. As depicted by the above-mentioned survey statistics, it can be concluded that technology has both favorable and unfavorable impacts on parenting. While on one side, it has shared the burden of parents being a learning and entertainment tool; its meanness has intensified parents’ responsibilities on the other.

Parents Concerns about Technology

The modern technology has almost changed the entire way we live along with the ways we raise our kids. In the past, parents’ concerns were limited to kids’ studies, food, and health. But today they have more issues to be worried about including the kids’ use of media and technology.

Screen Time of Kids

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Today’s kids never want to take a break from the screen whether it is on their mobile phones, televisions, and computers. Studies indicate that kids spend more than two hours a day with electronic media and teens’ screen time is higher than this figure. Parents’ new concerns also include the screen time of kids which can have worst impacts on children health, minds, and skills. Be it learning or playing, kids head to the smartphones, tablets, and computer rather than to books, toys, and activities. Parents are in need to monitor what their kids are up to on screens and set a limit for it.

Digital Safety of Kids

Teens are a big fan of social media and internet technology and this is what makes them stay online for hours. The online world is not without dangers and even a tiny mistake of your kid can put him in trouble. There are scoundrels and online predators who are always on a hunt of adolescents. They trap children on social media platforms and exploit them for sexual or monetary gain. Then there come cyber bullies who can have an immense negative impact on the psyche, mental health, and behaviors of sensitive children. So, the digital safety of kids is an added responsibility of today’s parents.

Age-inappropriate Content

The internet and mobile phone technologies have simplified accessing any type of information right on your mobile devices. On the negative side, it has made it easier and cost-free to access sexually explicit content. Your kid may accidentally or intentionally expose to age-inappropriate content on the internet which can have a bad impact on their conduct and perception. Protecting kids from such stuff is another challenge for today’s parents.

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Using Technology as a Parenting Tool

Though the pervasive adoption of technology has put an extra burden on parents, it also provides tools to make parenting easier.

Educating Child

The technologies including mobile devices, video games, and television also have educational benefits for kids. You can find an educational activity for your child on the internet or download an app to get your kiddo learn the basics of any subject. Meanwhile, you can use technologies to reward and discipline your kids as well as calming them and keeping them occupied.

Balance Work and Family Life

It was never as easy as it is today to balance work and family life. Planning your household tasks and making time for family commitments, no matter where you are, has become possible. You can virtually be present anywhere and anytime with the help of smartphones and social media. This also makes it possible to work from home rather than being present in the workplace.

Parental Controls

While mobile phones and social media have exposed teens and tweens to several risks, the parental control apps have enabled parents to monitor the mobile phone and computer use of their kids to safeguard them from the dangers of the real and digital world. You can read kids’ online and offline chats, listen to their phone calls, track their social media accounts, track their location, and monitor their company and conducts. Remaining far away from your family, you can keep tabs on all of their activities and this has become possible only with the help of technology.

There is not any doubt that prevalent technology has made parenting more challenging but it holds solutions as well. It’s up to you what you choose!

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