Carpet cleaning is one of the unexciting house routines that we have to do, whether it is because of the usual cleaning tricks that we do or we got tired of looking for carpet cleaning services on the internet. And since this is still an essential task that needs to be done, fortunately, there are new ideas that can be considered to keep those carpets clean.

1. Baking soda is not our first and last option

The dynamic powers of baking soda and vinegar are the cleaning solutions we always run to especially in our carpets. While these never fail us in achieving a cleaner and fresher carpets, maybe we just have to dig more into our kitchens and other home areas and with some help of the internet, we can see what other things that can be our companion in making our carpet cleaning much easier. For instance, why not try the shaving cream? Here’s how to do it:
– Apply shaving cream to the carpet stain and let it sit for about 30 minutes.
– After 30 minutes, blot it using a dry cloth.
– Follow-up with some spritzes of combined vinegar and baking soda on a spray bottle.

2. Consider steam cleaning

Despite the thorough vacuum moments our carpets have, there are dirt and other stuff that settle in its fibers that need intense cleansing. Besides running to house carpet cleaning services, you can try steam cleaning to do your carpets.
Some supermarkets offer steam cleaner rentals, and its detergent is not that much expensive. But before using that detergent, try it on a small portion of the carpet first to ensure that it can work well on its fibers.

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3. Gum stains? Take it out using the ice

One of the worse scenarios that can happen to any carpet is the presence of gum stains. Fortunately, we do not have to call professional cleaners every time this happens or stress yourself by removing it with your powers. We can try the cooling powers of ice instead.
Gums are less sticky when frozen, so there is a bigger chance that it will be easier to remove once it gets exposed to cold stuff like ice. After sitting it on ice for a few minutes, remove the remaining parts of the ice and pry the gum stain using a knife or spoon.

4. Sometimes the power of heat can help too

Another case that our carpets encounter is the candle wax. Sadly, this wax gets stuck in the carpet fibers easily and this seems to be staying there forever. Scraping it manually when it gets cold can never be a solution for this matter, but heating it can.
You can do this by covering the stained area with a towel and heat it using an iron. The wax will then get soften under the towel and can be easily removed once the towel will be lifted.

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5. Consider changing your vacuum schedule

Sometimes in cleaning, timing is another essential matter. Maybe you cannot achieve the best results on your carpet because it’s not “the time” yet. Choose another day of the week, and try doing it until you can identify the day that works for you.


Written by Sarah Del Rosario. She is an aspiring interior designer and painter. She writes for Unfinished Furniture Colorado. A place where you can go to create the perfect space for your home or office. Whether you’re finishing it yourself, getting a factory finish, or custom finish, our goal is to help you find the furniture that fits your lifestyle.