As technology marches forward and creates breakthroughs in almost every aspect of our lives, there is always someone who plays the bad guy. The CEO of IBM, Ginni Rometty gives us a good idea who this is in today’s interconnected world: “Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.” Otherwise defined as offenses committed against individuals or groups, the use of modern telecommunication networks has a goal to cause harm. Whether by making frauds or stealing identities, scams, spam, or information warfare, there are many ways in which the cybercrimes assume form. Today, we take a look at the threats of modern technology that are cybercrimes. The annual cost of the damage they create on the global economy is more than 4 billion dollars. Below are the types and cost of cyber attacks:

– Malware – $2,364,805

– Web-based attack – $2,014,142

– Denial of service – $1,565,435

– Malicious insider – $1,415,217

– Phishing and social engineering – $1,298,978

– Malicious code – $1,282,324

– Compromised and stolen devices – $865,985

– Ransomware – $532,914

– Botnets – $350,012

In the list that follows, we present the 10 biggest data breaches that happened in the 21st century. Those companies accounts were hacked. The hacks are in a chronological order.

– 2003, 13 billion Yahoo accounts

– 2006, 94 million TJX Companies, Inc. credit cards

– 2008, 134 million Heartland Payment Systems accounts

– 2011, 77 million Sony PlayStation Network accounts

– 2012-2014, 22 million accounts of the US Office of Personnel Management

– 2013, 110 million Target Stores accounts

– 2014, 145 million eBay accounts

– 2014, 83 million JP Morgan Chase accounts

– 2016, more than 412 million Adult Friend Finder accounts

– 2017, 143 million Equifax accounts

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These astonishing numbers are an example of the scale in which these operations take place and show us that hackers have no mercy. Also, victims of cybercrimes are not only businesses and organizations but also many individuals. Private users can secure themselves in various ways. It’s important to use strong passwords, change them on a regular basis, update software, use a private network keep personal information encrypted, deploy firewall and antivirus, etc.

The scale of their operations may differ, but some hackers have made a serious name for themselves.

Kevin Mitnick is the most wanted computer criminal in the US history. And Gary McKinnon was coordinating the largest military hack of all time. Robert Tappan Morris is the creator of the world’s first known computer worm. Julian Assange created WikiLeaks. Anonymous is credited for hacking Amazon, PayPal, Sony and other targets.

These are the world’s most famous hackers.

Finally, with the recent surge of devices online, the targets for hacking multiplied. Accordingly, a huge amount of money has to be spent on cybersecurity. In 2017 a total of 11.7 million dollars was spent and it is predicted that it will increase by 22.7% per year. By the year of 2021, the total cost will be more than 815 billion dollars, compared to the 100 billion spent for total IT security in 2017.

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Infographic Source: Best VPNs

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