Freelancing means freedom. If any of us could choose to work from anywhere, we’d be scattered across bustling city cafes, cottages tucked away on snowy mountain slopes and exotic sun-bathed beaches. However, this is also a huge decision since it puts all of the responsibility on your shoulders. In other words, you have to self-regulate. If you think you have the necessary discipline to work as a digital nomad, here are the five best Australian cities for living and remote work.

1. Sydney, New South Wales

Sydney-best australian cities

Sydney is at the top of the list for almost anything. At this moment, it is the most desirable city in the world. For freelancing workers, there is an amazing infrastructure of Wi-Fi hotspots, co-working spaces, and interconnectivity within the amazing cityscape. Plus, an average co-working membership lands you at circa A$500 per month, especially in lauded locales like Fishburners. Hub Sydney and Tank Stream Lab are other popular hotspots you can check out. The living cost can be bumped up to  A$3,000, which is a fair price considering you will be surrounded by pro-active entrepreneurs and investors who might be interested to hear your pitches.

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2. Brisbane, Queensland

Brisbane-best australian cities

If you find A$3,000 a month to be too steep of a price tag, Brisbane is the financially sensible city (at circa A$2,200) whilst still retaining most of the urbane allure Sydney offers. Little Tokyo Two, The Ice Cream Factory Collab and River City Labs are some of the most well-known and reliable co-working spaces. Also, the memberships are usually very reasonable – around A$300 a month. With its amazing climate, Brisbane is a perfect city for you if you are an outdoor-person.

3. Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne-best australian cities

With an average internet speed of 30mbps and accessibility of everything, the Melbourne area hits the sweet spot for every freelancer. The price of monthly living is not that different than Sydney (marginally less than A$3,000), but it is also a digital heaven. Work Club is the most amazingly equipped serviced office in Melbourne. Hub Southern Cross boasts an astounding 400 mbps fiber internet connection. But if you cannot squeeze out A$500 for a co-working membership, you can always get cozy in one of Melbourne’s countless awesome cafes that offer cutting-edge Wi-Fi connections.

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4. Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Canberra-best australian cities

If you do not find big crowds agreeable, and yet you need all the features and amenities of a big city, Canberra is a perfect place for you as a digital nomad. With its relatively small population of 370,000 and a well-organized urban layout, it is perfect for freelancers who need peace and concentration. In fact, most of Canberra’s workforce is employed in the private sector, so you will blend right in. An average rent price is around A$1,700 per month, but if you rent a nicely furnished studio apartment in a less expensive part of town, it can go down to A$1,100.

5. Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart-best australian cities

The capital of Tasmania lies tucked away on the south-eastern tip of the island. And even though it is technically remote, it still offers everything a digital nomad might need. Head down to Parliament – the most popular co-working space – and see for yourself. So, with a decent internet speed of 30mbps and a cost of living at around A$1,600, Hobart is a good place to get cozy for a big project. Even though it is rather small and deceptively picturesque, Hobart has a budding startup scene you should definitely check out. The Tasmanian Silicon Valley has given birth to some impressive businesses of lately.

Australian cities are at the forefront of the latest socio-economic developments. As new technologies emerge and a way of life unwinds into a fast-paced whirlwind, these cities are probably the best places to try and develop your freelancing career. Even though visiting the boroughs and sightseeing can be tempting, remember you are not there for the cityscape. Above everything else, choose the backdrop to accommodate the work you are supposed to execute.

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