The secret of a successful business event lies in meeting the basic needs of the attendees. Nowadays, more and more corporates use events as a strategy to build their brand and their businesses. One of the most important assets in any business is the client database. And having one boosted, will result from the success of your business event. Here is a list of 3 great tips for a successful corporate event.

Fabulous Catering: Do Not Compromise on Quality

Undoubtedly, excellent catering is essential for a successful business event. The refreshments and food have to be great, energetic, and reinvigorating. Hiring catering services might be expensive, but it’s worth it. Also, planning early any events is key. Nowadays, many people have some dietary requirements like vegetarian, halal food, and so on. Therefore, scheduling in advance and understand your guests’ list profile can help you meet all these requirements with professional catering services. They can come up with the right catering proposal and menu to suit your event needs. However, if you are launching a small business event for around 5 to 10 guests, there is no need to hire professional caterers. With some basic skills and enough time, it can be done with ease. In case of bigger events like business celebrations or product launching, it is highly recommended to seek help from professional caterers.

Successful Business Event: Choose The Perfect Venue

Selecting the wrong event venue can be disastrous for many business events. That’s why event management experts always emphasize the importance of choosing the right venue for a successful business event. When choosing a venue for an event, it’s wise to pay special attention to the following elements:

  • The location of the venue should be easily accessible
  • Enough Parking available
  • Space should be ample to accommodate the number of attendees
  • Do not forget to provide security services
  • Décor
  • Good security services

There are more other points to consider, but these are just a few of them. Additionally, it’s advisable to find the right security services to address any issues that might arise during the event. Finding a place in the city center would be great but more expensive compared to a venue out of town. So the choice will mainly depend on your goals, your budget, and the location of the participants.

Right Audio Visual Equipment

All successful corporate events require high-quality equipment. While some venues might have their own equipment system including basic public address systems and visual aids as part of their package, these could be inadequate or not enough for some type of business events.  For instance when an event requires multiple visual displays for different presenters, then it may need additional equipment and microphones that the venue might not possess.

So the organizers must understand all the event requirements in terms of AV equipment. Plus, keep in mind that any extra equipment from venue providers will certainly result in additional costs whether from them directly or hiring through them. However, it will be more expensive to hire equipment from the venue itself who might sometimes hire it from elsewhere effectively acting as agents. It is always a good idea to outsource the AV system yourself if possible.

If you are looking for high-quality AV equipment for your event in Nairobi, you can get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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Written by Famio Services Team