Kitchen renovation ideas are one of the most discussed topics in the home décor and interior design sectors. Such projects are time-consuming and tend to be expensive. But they dramatically enhance the aesthetics and resale value of a home. So, what it takes for a kitchen renovation campaign to be successful? Well, there are plenty of tips and tricks. This time, we’ll focus on the advice of some professional interior designers.

1. Keep the layout intact

Kitchen renovation ideas

Most kitchen renovation ideas involve a plan for the structure and layout. But, unless you are over-ambitious and have a high amount of budget, don’t try to change the layout. Any structural change will be expensive and it is not as easy as you see in home decorating TV shows. You can spend that money to update the cabinets, purchase new appliances, or enhance the cosmetic of the place. According to the founder of Space and Archer Design Agency, Justin M. Riordan – “Keep the appliances and plumbing where they are. If my clients are on a tight budget, I tell them to work with the current layout whenever they can.”

2. Never ignore the backsplash

The backsplash does not get much attention. People leave it out of the plan thinking that renovating other areas and changing some items will cover up for it. Well, keeping the backsplash out of the plan may save you some money but it will take much of your time and effort in the end. The areas above the cooktop and counters are prone to gather grease because of the moisture in the kitchen. A tiled or metal backsplash is a smart idea because it is easier to clean up than wallpaper or a painted wall.

3. Kitchen renovation ideas: Make the colors talk

 kitchen remodeling-color talks

“Using contrasting colors on walls, counters, and floors helps with depth perception and provides a clear line of sight when navigating throughout the kitchen, especially in working areas.” – Wanda E. Gozdz, founder of Golden Age Living.

It’s an inexpensive trick to instill life into any place. A monochromatic look also works sometimes but playing with a few colors or at least the shades of the same color will break the monotonous tone and inject a huge amount of visual interest. provides kitchen renovation ideas and solutions that will meet the most challenging requirements. A contrasting palette – consisting of one warm and one cool shade or one bold and one neutral shade – works better in this case. You can also go for one main color throughout the place while adding two or three accent colors in the mix.

4. Invest in a good ventilation system

kitchen renovation ideas-good ventilation

Ever walked into the home in the evening and smelled last night’s pork stew still lingering in the air? Well, you will then comprehend how important ventilation can be. Any professional interior designer will tell you to focus on the ventilation system of the kitchen. Due to the cooking and cleaning chores, odors, moisture, and steam will be trapped inside if the ventilation is poor. It could be expensive but your kitchen will be much cleaner, the air will be fresher, and the place will be less dirty.

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5. Rely on small changes for a big impact

A kitchen renovation is mostly about changing the layout and the design to increase the functionality of the place. However, if you have a small budget and you are more concerned about the aesthetic of the place, a few design tweaks here and there will work like a charm. Change the wall art, replace the pendant lights with something trendier, bring in some accessories, and make a few more changes to revamp the style and enhance the visual appeal.

According to the founder of Natasha Jansz Design, Natasha Jansz, “Sometimes it’s not about doing a total remodel. I updated my own kitchen last year by simply swapping out bar stools and pendant lights, and replacing a cabinet with open shelving.”

Today’s homeowners are more focused on sustainable living. The kitchen trash management is no more confined to stashing a trash can under the sink. Dealing with trash has gone to the next level. You have to use separate bins for keeping recyclable products separate from the garbage.