I bet you think you’ve heard all about road trip hacks and you’re most probably assuming the tips I’m about to give you are going to be exactly like the ones you already know, the planning, the budgeting, the partying and all of that stuff. Well, if that’s the case, you’ve got me all wrong. I intend to introduce to you, a rather new way of enjoying an indulging in the road trips, and I swear you are going to love it! So get yourself geared up for a whole new road trip experience with the help of tips I’m going to give below:

1# Go Solo!

What? What did you say, Jonathan? Go alone?! Yes, you heard me right. In case you were snooping around for a completely different and out of the world road trip experience, you’ve hit the right link 9or not, it’s for you to decide!) Well, the thing is, you can hit a road trip instead of conventional ways for many reasons including the money. But just take a look at how it takes you far far away from all the hassle and people. That alone should be a signal that in order to fully engage with the experience, you should probably consider getting disconnected with everything you’re currently aware of and living with. Probably all the benefit that you could derive from a road trip, on a mental and emotional level is not just the fun of it, but also how healing the experience can be. Get that wanderlust craving on, tune your car or rent one and set out to satiate your heart!

2# Turn the Stereo Off – Or Not?

Well, by now you’re probably thinking I have gone nuts but guys, I’m explaining to you the zen-like trip experience and that too by only following simple five steps. Anyway, here’s another trip. Absolutely no CDs or DVDs. Not even the radio, nope! The most healing experience on the road trip for you will be to listen to the road. The way to your destination will explain everything to you. But here’s the deal, I do understand that a trip without any music could prove horribly boring. Stack up on some enlightening podcasts and maybe meditative music related to chakras and you can make the whole experience absolutely amazing! For a more diverse experience of music, consider installing under seat subwoofers. The music quality and effect are impressive. Just make sure your road trip experience is not so loaded with a playlist that you forget to enjoy and appreciate the silence or simply the sound of wind with the windows down. It helps with clairaudience as well! I promise!

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3# You Don’t Get Lost If You Don’t Know the Destination

That’s about right. It’s one of the truest and logically perfect phrases in our language. If you choose to switch to the GPS every now and then to get directions, you’re probably not travelling to fulfill the road trip but to merely get to a destination. Which you can also do by taking a plane, so, what’s the point, guys? Point is, to do it the old-fashioned way. Do you remember the days when there was absolutely no GPA? The only way you could determine where you’re going was by tiny boards along the way. Well, do try to locate them every now and then and just wander off. The thing is, by discovering an entirely new place not with the help of a GPS but by your own true presence at the moment is what it takes to realize what life is. It’s that feeling which provides us with the sense of belonging, understanding, accepting and loving.

4# Express Gratitude

Whatever your reasons for picking a road trip might be, be grateful for what you have. And especially be grateful for what you wanted and didn’t get because surely the universe had other and better plans for you. What this necessarily means for a road trip is, that you must keep the possibilities of mishaps. One of my favorite sayings is, “Respect the Unexpected.” I am positive this must’ve risen from a Zen culture. So do make sure that no matter what goes wrong, you have to be thankful for all the things you’re going through because they are meant to teach a lesson. Life speaks to us through our experiences, we just have to have the stomach to understand and accept it. Whatever might go wrong, fret not and thank the Universe for this blissful opportunity of discovering yourself. Those who wander but are not lost are those who hold the key to themselves. So be grateful, enjoy it until it lasts and most of all, learn what it came to teach you.

5# Connect With Nature

Naturally, it is hard to be grateful for what you have if you’re not aware of your surroundings. A road trip will give you at least some if not all priceless moments of beautiful sceneries and a range of lively activities alongside the highway at every other town. By travelling alone and reducing your indulgence in the music, you will automatically realize how truly vital it is to relate to nature and to understand and admire instead of just letting it go because of “oh-it’s-just-a-way.” Small moments matter, and being present in those moments and living them to their fullest is what it takes to make a trip memorable, unique and a very fulfilling experience.

These tips probably do not relate to your expected tips one bit, but I’ll tell you guys it’s the truth! Conventional trips are really fun and taking your family out can be very rewarding. Similarly, friends hanging out are one thing but when it’s about you, you don’t look back. So to recharge yourself, this is a leap you must take. Be it against or in favor of the will of family.

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