Have you ever been to someone’s house and were awe-struck by their choice of flooring? Sometimes, when we visit a house, and if we are lucky, we get to walk on the most exquisite and mesmerizing designs on the flooring surface. It takes utmost planning and an astute, creative perspective to create such an avant-garde style flooring. With the objective to help our readers with their homework in selecting flooring, we have put down a list of 5 amazing living room flooring ideas and designs. We have come up with these ideas after consulting well-known architects and interior designers. Read below to know more.

1. Look For Options

Most of the homeowners are aware of only three types of flooring options: hardwood, tile, and carpeting. The reality, though, is a bit different as there are many other types of options available. While choosing flooring options for a living room, be creative and think outside the box. Explore glass tiles, cork, and bamboo at length while choosing living room flooring options. Don’t be afraid to try out something new. Be the trendsetter in your vicinity.

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2. Get a Few Samples

It is a great idea to avail some samples and see for yourself whether you like it or not. You must take a few pieces of swatches to your living room, lay them out on the floor, allow them to stay there for a few days and see if you like the idea of having them in your living room. Give this a try, it’s a brilliant way of mapping out your interest levels.

3. Add Varied Colours

Although, in most cases, the flooring is the same colour. For instance, if you choose hardwood, you may see a light oak or mahagony. And, if you choose tiles, then perhaps a neutral colour. But, there is no rule of thumb to be followed. You don’t have to necessarily play around with just one colour. Look for different colours and use them in different ways. Take for example, hardwood, and have two different shades installed. In the case of tiles, add different colours. Be as creative as you want to be, because, in the end, only your happiness matters. Of course, feel free to consult a local interior designer who will give you correct advice with colours.

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4. Living Room Flooring: Avoid Carpets

Carpeting is still a bedroom thing. Interior designers usually refrain from using carpets in living rooms. Generally speaking, living rooms are high-traffic areas, and carpets are highly susceptible to soaking up odours and liquids. So instead of relying on carpets, you can opt for a well-engineered hardwood floor or well designed concrete tiles.

5. Unique Tile Designs

Ever fancied walking on hand-painted ceramic tiles? What a spectacular walk that will be, isn’t it! There are plenty of well-known designers who launch an amazing collection of hand-painted ceramic tiles. Watch out for those uniquely designed styles. You can make a bold and striking statement by choosing exquisite shapes, designs, and styles of tiles for creating an exciting pattern, which will complement the entire look of your living room. Infuse custom designs based on the overall look of your home.

The choice of your designs will speak volumes about your sense of style. So make sure that you express your creative side by choosing unique tile designs.

Parting advice!

In the end, the choice of your living room flooring should look and feel right. Sure, it’s a tough decision to be made, but definitely worthwhile. Consult an architect or an experienced designer, if needed.

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