Looking for employment lately is hard work. You hardly hear about someone walking into an organization, filling out a job application and getting hired on the same day. It used to be like this some decades ago but tables have turned. To get a job now, you have to live and breathe the internet since the biggest recruitment platforms in the technological world are the online job sites and in our recent world, technology rules. Job applications online haven’t always been the way they are now. Over the years, they have gone through massive transformations due to the emergence of technological advances. Today, job sites are available to specific continents, career niches and also serve as a platform for networking. The features they possess have been improved as well. Some job sites are designed to match candidates’ profiles to employers.

Even though job sites have been revamped, there still continues to be a lot of bad-mouthing about job sites. The following negative things and more have been said about applying for a job online.

What You Usually Hear About Job Applications Online

  • It is a waste of time to apply for jobs online.
  • Online job applications are a black hole and don’t work
  • Online job applications are time-consuming and frustrating
  • They are tedious and excruciatingly hard to complete.
  • You wouldn’t get a response
  • Hiring managers just use it to show they have looked at a lot of candidates
  • They are not worth the trouble

Whiles these comments may be true to an extent, they were started by people based on their experiences. What we sometimes forget is the background to these comments. Anyone who doesn’t answer an outright yes to the questions below is bound to have experience with job applications online that will trigger statements such as those mentioned above.

Do’s of Job Applications online

#1. First of all, Tailor your CV and cover letter to highlight the exact skill sets asked in the job description. That is if your skills match the job description.

#2. Checking out the company’s website before applying for the position will let you know if it’s a right fit for you. Also, it will tell you exactly what to put in the cover letter.

#3. Check the company’s website to see if the job application description matches with that of the job site’s description. This will ensure that you don’t miss any requirement.

#4. Your CV and cover letter must not contain shorthand. You should also double check to dot all I’s and cross every T. Further, capitalization of necessary words is a must. This shows the employer you are focused, detail-oriented and serious about your job and career.

#5. It is essential to fill out all sections in job application forms online. Leaving blank sections will make the application register as incomplete. Such forms are almost always rejected.

#6. Also, It is very vital to include keywords in your CV as it is highly possible your job application online may go through Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This sorts out CVs based on keywords.

The thing with keywords is this. If the online job description asks for preschool teacher, make sure to include preschool teacher somewhere in your CV. Similarly, if the online job description asks for a marketer, put in marketer someplace in your CV.

#7. Attach a cover letter with bullet points of your skills that speak directly about the skills required in the job description. This will make you stand out from the crowd. Also, do not state your preferred salary in your cover letter. It is not appropriate to do so till the employer asks your opinion on that topic.

#8. Format your CV and cover letter to be visually appealing and readable.

#9. Fill out job applications online that specifically match your skill sets so that you will get a response.

#10. Finally, if applicable include a link to your LinkedIn profile or any other web page that will give the hiring manager more insights concerning your career skill sets. This can get you ahead of other candidates so take advantage of it.

Question: Did you do all these 10 points?

Job Applications online are swift so people rush through thinking they have done a good job of applying for the position. Not taking time to go through the above Do’s anytime you apply for jobs online will leave you dissatisfied with job sites. This is because you may not get the response you want or may not get any response at all for the job application you filled out online.

To conclude, job sites do provide a quicker path to connecting you to more employers in a short time at your own convenience. Don’t lose faith in them, it will be your loss. Diligently follow the Do’s of job applications online and you will be nicely surprised.

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