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A garden enhances the beauty of a home. We all love a beautiful garden filled with different types of flowers, plants, trees, and grass. You can design your own garden or call professionals to do it for you. There are many ideas that can make your garden spicy and interesting. With these amazing ideas and DIY you will turn even your small garden into a cozy sanctuary for relaxation. Nevertheless, before you proceed with any activities, understand your garden position and shape; this will indicate how you design it.

1. Garden Boxes

Garden boxes add layers of beauty to your garden; you can choose to paint the boxes to any of your desirable color like pink, red, or white. These boxes protect your plants and flowers from being stepped on by people passing by and from damage by rainwater.

2. Garden Pond

To make a garden pond you will need to put in a lot of work and materials or money by paying someone to do it, there are many designs to choose from on how to construct the perfect pond ,Of course, it will take time to complete but the results will blow your mind. A pond may attract wildlife, adding life to your garden.

3. Bench

You can use a garden bench when relaxing while reading a book, drinking coffee or when having a conversation with nature. The best color of the bench should match with the color of the flowers in the garden, red flowers match with a red bench and so forth. Colorful throw pillows are a beautiful addition. You can spice up the arrangement by adding chairs to complete the elegance of your garden.

4. Birdbath Garden

A touch of wildlife in your garden is a good idea if you love watching birds, also, more birds in your garden means high chances of listening to bird music. Research shows listening to bird songs lowers your stress levels and help in fighting anxiety. Turning a birdbath into an authentic garden container is the ultimate goal; you can also make your own birdbath at home by using old tins. Paint them to your desired colors, fill with seeds, and place in your garden.

5. Garden Gazebo

A gazebo is classic. You can enjoy dinner with your family in the nice sheltered gazebo. You can also have quiet drinks with your friends, or a book club meeting.

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6. Stone Path

This idea is about showing off the stones instead of cleaning them out of your garden. A stone path is the easiest way to move freely in your garden. There are many types and sizes of stone paths to choose from, stone paths are decorative and makes your garden interestingly easy to mow.

7. Gravel Path

Another amazing home gardening idea is Gravel. It is cheaper than paving. You need to clean out all grass and weeds on marked areas, make sure you dig down to a membrane that will not allow grass to regrow and then spread the gravel. Choose gravel that contrasts with your plants and outdoor furniture.

8. Vegetable Planting

You can plant vegetables like tomatoes, baby spinach, cilantro, and chilies. This saves space and attracts insects that help in pollination hence keeping your garden happy. You will have your own supply of fresh vegetables and save money.

9. Pallet Garden

Pallets are becoming a fashionable household game changer, they are widely used in making beds, couch, and television stands, and a little touch up with pallets will add beauty and class to your garden. Attach plant pots to a pallet fitted with nails to give plant and flower art display results. Space out the pots so your flowers and plants will grow smoothly.

10. Use Planters

If you have an old wheelbarrow, tub, or any stainless steel pots, you can turn them into planters; place them in your patios or balcony; however, these planters can restrict root growth, so you need to ensure there is a good water supply and good drainage. Use different plants to achieve a tasteful container plant-combination.

11. Garden Lights

Lights give your garden a fairy glow, run bulbs through garden trees, furniture or even fences. It is quick and cheap so you do not need an electrician to do it for you. You can also use lamps and lanterns with candles. With good lighting in your garden, you can continue to enjoy outdoor even after sunset.

12. Colorful Garden

A colorful garden is a happy garden. Colorful flowers planted in a neat arrangement makes your garden attractive and neat, mix colors in a certain pattern so your garden can look like a piece of art. Colors increases flavors in life and this means that you will have a colorful garden life.

13. Pergola

This creates a sitting area for guests and shaded. You can add dining tables for outdoor dining with family and friends. You can also try running vines up your pergola and transform it into a beautiful vertical garden. You can also use a small pergola at the entry of your garden. You need to make sure that the materials you use matches with the plants and outdoor furniture.

14. Container Garden

If you do not have a spacious backyard, you can use containers to do your planting, and stack them up on the wall, old furniture or even just arrange them nicely on your patio. A garden with expertly placed flower containers is satisfying to the eyes.

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15. A Fire Pit

Fire pit turns a boring garden into a central feature for evening gatherings. You can build one by surrounding fire pit with concrete blocks and leaving gaps for oxygen flow. Lay sand in the center to act as the base for the fire pit.

16. Add Boarders

Boarders separate your lawn from paths, and flowers from vegetables. You can use rock boarders, wood or plastic boarders. Besides creating a neat landscaped look, they also prevent unwanted plant growth.

17. Plant Trees

Watching a tree you planted grow, is the best feeling, trees have a number of importance to the environment. Planting trees in your garden will provide shade, good air circulation, and privacy. You should check how much space you have so that you can know the height of trees to plant. “A good rule is to plant a tree away from the house at a distance equal to one-half of the maximum tree height,” says Kate Karam, a landscape architect with Monrovia. If your backyard is not spacious, you can plant short trees even in a container.

18. Use Plastic Bottles

Using plastic bottles is cheap and environment friendly. Cut a hole on one side of the bottle, fill with soil and plant a seedling. Do not forget to puncture small holes for drainage. You can hang on the wall, the fence, or a pallet.

19. Painting

A painted fence is one of the biggest highlights of your garden, paint with colors that matches the taste and aura of your garden. You can also paint the outdoor furniture, and the shed. When choosing the paint; you should go for natural colors for a better plant show off.

20. Square Foot Gardening

These are neat and organized raised beds divided into squares each with their own plant. This is advantageous because it does not consume time and requires less maintenance. Raised beds are cheap to make and therefore, saves you money. They can consume a lot of water and dry up quickly. To avoid frequent watering, you need to install a hosepipe or use drip irrigation method.

21. Domestic Animals

If you have a big garden, you can introduce domestic birds like chicken and turkey, this will however need attention, but you will have endless supply of eggs, chicken and turkey meat and save money in the long run. You can also keep rabbits for meat supply and production of manure that is used on your plants. Bees can be an amazing addition to your backyard garden, bees are less expensive to keep as you will not feed them and require few yearly inspections, they will play a greater part in pollinating your flowers and vegetables and their production of honey.

22. Tree House

Tree house is recreational for all family members but mostly for your kids, if you have a spacious backward with tall mature trees, you can build a tree house. This will increase physical fitness from climbing up and coming down the ladders. You can also use it as a quiet workspace away from your noisy kids.

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Final Thoughts

These ideas are some of the best you need to try to create a garden of your dreams. They also have their pros and cons, but you need to be dedicated to maintain the neatness and

attractiveness of your garden. You can employ a daytime gardener to mow overgrown grass, trim trees, and shrubs, water plants and to remove weeds. From time to time, you will need to repaint the furniture and containers to give your garden a new neat look.

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