Excavator machines are considered as one of the most common earth moving equipment used in construction or mining projects. They can perform several different tasks at a time such as digging, trenching, and demolition of structures, loading, lifting and more. According to the industry you are, excavators are available in different shapes and size. There are various excavator types on the market. But depending on the condition of the ground and the kind of earth moving work you intend to do, it is wise to know the type of excavators that is right for your projects. Here are the different type of excavators you should know from today.

Crawler Excavators

Crawler Excavators-excavator types-earthmoving equipment

Crawler Excavator

Undoubtedly, crawler excavators are the most common excavator types. They are extremely powerful machines for land development projects, mining industries, and other heavy duty projects. With their high engine capacity, they can access rough terrains where a normal heavy vehicle cannot reach. In fact, when it comes to grading and landscaping, or home improvement projects, these types of excavators are the best options. That is why crawlers are the most well-known category of excavators in the world. They are perfect to move any kind of earth or large materials. Additionally, this is a flexible earth moving equipment that is suitable for a wide range of applications, just by changing the front attachment.

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Compact Excavators

mini excavator-Compact Excavator-excavator types-earthmoving equipment

Compact Excavator

Also called mini excavators, compact excavators have a capacity that can vary from one (1) to ten (10) 10 tons. Actually, they are the small version of crawler excavators. Very light and useful machines, mini excavators are easy to operate and can work anywhere, especially in tight areas. So if you are looking for a more comfortable cabin, easier controllability and a user-friendly machine then compact excavators are the smartest alternative for your project. In fact, they have become the preferred choice for many general contracting and logistics services companies nowadays when it comes to trenching works. Also because it is not as expensive as the normal excavator.

Excavator Types: Backhoe

backhoe-excavator types-earthmoving equipment


With its very unique design, backhoe excavators are very useful machines in various excavation projects. The feature usually comes with a loader and a backhoe. This double ability to operate as a loader and a backhoe allows them to be one of the most versatile earth moving equipment in today’s construction industry. They are useful for road construction, extraction of gold and diamond and more other applications. The good thing about backhoe machines is their powerful digging capability different from conventional excavators. That’s why, on almost all construction sites, you will find a backhoe

Dragline Excavator

excavator types-earthmoving equipment-Dragline

Dragline Excavator

Among the excavator types, are dragline excavators. They are ideal mostly for civil engineering works and surface mining. There are very different from other excavators, as they possess a crane for lifting operations. Because of their large sizes and almost impossible to transport, dragline excavators are brought on site in pieces and then assembled on the site. They only used for large-scale construction projects.

There are many other types of excavators available nowadays. But these are the most common machines used on construction and mining sites. If you are looking for the best heavy construction equipment for hire in Kenya, then get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to assist you. We have a wide range of machines and experienced operators that are ready for your projects across the country.

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