The functionality of bathroom windows being minimal, beautification becomes the priority while choosing windows for your bathroom. Energy efficiency though is not the main concern in this case. But sufficient ventilation is mandatory to get rid of the excess humidity as rapidly as possible. Plus, you do not want the outdoor chill to seep-in anyway. Keeping in mind that the styling should not only accentuate the décor inside but also sync with the exterior appearance of your home; when choosing windows for your bathroom appropriately, the following features should be carefully considered:

  • Easy and smooth to operate designs, because, unlike other rooms, most bathrooms have windows installed at strained reach.
  • It is imperative to keep the new window open year round – no matter the weather.
  • Obscure or opaque glasses panes are not just trendy but also offer the optimum privacy without restricting natural sunlight.
  • The material of bathroom windows should be durable yet lightweight and somewhat dirt resistant, to avoid the requirement of frequent cleaning.

Modern-day bathroom windows are a mix-n-match of more than one window styles and specific set of features; carefully customized to the individual user requirements.

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Awning style crank window with privacy glass pane

This design is the easiest to operate and with privacy glass, it can be placed anywhere inside a bathroom. The benefit of awning style bathroom windows over casement style is that the outward slanting sash protects against rain and snow, allowing fresh air from the bottom opening during all four seasons. Vinyl or composite fiber is the ideal material. Also, it comes with a compression seal to maintain optimum air-pressure inside the bathroom when the windows are shut. It is ideal for both single installation as well as in combination with fixed window and can also be incorporated in a transom for extra ventilation.

Sliding window with one-way glass films

When choosing windows for your bathroom, sliding windows gives a huge range of options for specific customizations; in case of exact squares or rectangle window-space provisions. For instance, if it’s a narrow but tall strip, you can always get only lower sash sliding with a fixed upper sash to cut down on both the cost and unnecessary complex settings. Likewise, a sliding-down only window is pertinent if your window is adjacent to the bathtub. Unlike the crank window, size doesn’t pose a limitation for sliders. One-way glass films pair up appropriately with all types of sliding windows, allowing ample light yet restricting any chance of peeking in. You can always upgrade to obscure or etched glass panes to add to the aesthetic appeal.

Downward opening hopper style classic shutters

This is the most inexpensive one in the bathroom windows lot. Apart from the fondness of recreating the classic wood shutters, this design is a perfect fit for window spaces which will make crank-open installations too heavy to function smoothly as well as obstruct sliders. Also, glass panes are redundant in shutter windows, making it an obvious option for areas which require some additional security and structural strength than just a fancy window.

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