“Maturity—it does not always come with age, in fact, it is deeper than age. It is about the way you see and understand things. The way you communicate and react, the things you value, the things you entertain. The way you represent yourself and others as an adult. Everyone grows old, but not everyone is growing up” -Unknown

Celebrating a young lady’s 18th birthday is one of the many milestones a woman encounters in life as she enters adulthood. In a sense, throwing a debut or an eighteenth birthday party is a coming of age tradition. Plus it is a long-held tradition that is coveted by most girls. Teens all over the world celebrate it differently, but some aspects are more or less the same. As this is a pivotal point in a young lady’s life, planning for this party can be rather daunting and as it is, there are many elements to consider from choosing one of the many debut packages to choosing the members of your cotillion. However, fear not like this article details and guidelines the various ways you can incorporate into your party planning for a successful party.

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1. Know the number of guests

This is crucial as it determines the type of menu and type of venue you ought to book. Some of the invitees may include your close friends. If you want your party to be strictly invited guests only, indicate that on your invitation so that you would not have any unwanted and surprise guests.

2. Find an appropriate venue

In line with the first item of this list, it is important to find a venue that could hold all of your guests. Additionally, this venue should come with the facilities you wish to use for your party. This is so you know which vendors to avail of should the venue not have those services and facilities available. Additionally, check if your venue can provide party rentals and tables and if not, look into your local directory. 

3. Plan for the court and cotillion

Traditional debut parties would include a royal court that consists of 18 males and 18 females. This group would usually consist of the debutante’s closest friends and her relatives. Apart from that, these individuals can be the debutante’s 18 roses who have to dance with her. While the females would be her candles who would offer sage advice to the debutante in a segment. But most importantly, these individuals would open the debut with a traditional court dance in which the debutante herself would participate as well.

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4. Hire dance instructors

Hiring dance instructors would make the flow of the cotillion dance go more smoothly. Additionally, they can give the debutante a few pointers as to how to gracefully walk and conduct herself during the day. If you have someone in the family who you think can pull this off, you can save on party costs by designating this role to them. If no one is available, it is best to hire professional instructors to ensure that the cotillion dance would look beautiful.

5. Choose the menu

Ideally, a three-course menu should be served. However, you can also serve the food buffet or family style. Ask the caterer you have hired to deliver the food at least a few hours before the event. Alternatively, have them set in your venue before the event starts. In this way, everything will be all set when the debutante walks in.

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