Online shopping, the use of the Internet to shop or purchase products and other items, has been more popular than ever. Perhaps it is due to the rising access to the Internet to people from different locations, and it is more accessible to others than going to physical stores. If you are new to purchasing via the Internet, online shopping might be quite nerve-wracking. Or maybe you did shop online before but quite disappointed with the outcomes. To avoid those situations, here is a quick list of useful reminders for your online shopping:

Before buying or checking out your items:

1. Look for trusted sellers

If you are on the look for wholesale clothing or other products, you should consider those who are already established and legit in selling their items online. Cross-checking their authenticity won’t eat so much of your time. It’s better to spend a few minutes or hours verifying than to have your money put into waste.

  • Read reviews about the shopping websites or person selling online.
  • Do they offer a warranty?
  • If you already purchased from them before, how was your experience?

2. Know what you really need to buy

What’s fun with online shopping, just like checking in physical stores, is that you can see a lot of items. If you are an impulsive buyer or can be easily persuaded by some factors, you would love to “add cart” everything that you think is nice, cute or useful items even if you don’t need them. Yes, need is the operating word here. If you have a list in my mind or have it written, try to stick to them as much as possible so that you’ll have an ample time searching for the best item of what you are looking for and your budget won’t be consumed by the things you don’t need to buy.

  • What do you need?
  • How much is your budget?
  • Prepare a list of the things you are going to purchase.

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3. Prepare for the payment transactions and delivery of the items

Most online shopping websites and accounts demand card transactions, so you got to make sure that your card is still active and ready for use. Others advertise their products and services online (social media, online shopping websites or platforms, etc.) but do offer meet ups in claiming their items. Having the products you bought delivered to your home is advantageous especially if you don’t have enough time to go out and meet the seller to have your times. Just make sure that there is someone available to receive the package if you are out for business or wherever.

  • What are the payment instructions set?
  • Do you have what the seller demands regarding the payment?
  • Are the materials you bought fine and safe for delivery?

While shopping online:

♦ Check the specifics of the items you are interested with.

Most websites and sellers have a short description of what they are selling. Be a keen reader and see if that is what you are looking for. Moreover, there is nothing wrong to inquire for further details.

♦ Confirm the details that you are giving out

If you are heading to checking out the items, double check the information you are giving – name, address, contact numbers, items purchased, etc. It would be better if there is an acknowledgment receipt or invoice (if no official receipt) sent by the seller so that if in a case of trouble, both of you have a document to look back.

♦ Make sure that the transaction is free from identity theft and other malicious activities

Sending out confidential information online is crucial, so you need to check if the website is safe from such activities. This is a must-do especially if you are giving card details for payment. This is the reason why other buyers prefer to meet and pick up the items they bought for safety and security of their transaction.

Be sure that after shopping online, you make necessary contact to the seller to confirm the delivery or receipt of the items, or maybe for some questions. Again, there is nothing wrong with inquiring. Happy shopping!

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Written by Katheryn Gumba. She is a freelance writer and a blogger. She also loves to travel and explore new things.