As a cleaning agent, the power of baking soda cannot be overlooked.  Its importance is numerous given that it is not poisonous (can be eaten but careful about eating it in large amounts).  Its other characteristic is that it has multi-functional properties as this article has outlined only a few of its purposes. Finally, it is easily available and very pocket-friendly. Here are some awesome cleaning tips with the magical baking soda we should definitely explore.

#1. Kitchens

Firstly, one of the areas that always need to be cleaned and neat is the kitchen. Our kitchens are usually greasy, dusty and smelly.  This should not cause panic to anybody. For adequate home cleaning, especially our kitchens, a mixture of baking soda and some warm water is all you need to solve this problem.  Try using the ration of four to one, and get rid of your problem. Don’t scrub it out, simply wipe the surfaces off with this mixture for that clean and glowing look.

#2. Shoes

We all visit the gym once in a while or take a long walk or even jog.  Sweat brings about that foul smell in our sports shoes, especially after this exercises. Well, say goodbye to the smelly shoes without having to wash them after each run or jog.  Simply splash some baking soda into the shoes after your work out.  You can also do that before wearing the shoes.

#3. Children

Having kids all over our house brings a lot of warmth and life into our homes.  It is the joy of every parent to see his/her kids’ healthy, playful and happy at all times.  As parents or guardians, we cannot control how they play around the house.  Kids will never understand that a wall has been newly painted or repainted.  When they have their coloring crayons, they will happily doodle all over the clean walls.  That should not worry you anymore because all you have to do is use a damp cloth and a touch of magical baking soda to clean the mess, and have your kids have uninterrupted fun coloring the walls up.

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#4. Magical Baking Soda

We all love the view of a perfectly clean chopping board.  How do we achieve that? Well simply sprinkle baking soda on it before scrubbing it off with a mixture of lemon and warm water. Finally, it usually feels horrible to have the stale smells from our plastic food containers. Don’t panic, the first step is to rinse it thoroughly with a mixture of hot water and baking soda. To remove stale smells from food containers, rinse out with hot water and baking soda. You can also soak it overnight in the same mixture if the smell is too intense. Sometimes there is no need of hiring cleaning services when you have those few tips in mind.

Do you know any other benefits of the magical baking soda? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below

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Written by Caroline Muli