Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming crucial for leading supply chain companies to develop a competitive advantage. This transformation is happening at a very rapid pace, despite most organizations not being completely aware of the advantages of this technology, or being ready to adopt it. Such new innovations in supply chain technology are helping the organizations to create their mark in the race for digitization. The inculcation of AI in the supply chain aims to cumulate the big amounts of data from various different sources, processing it, and generating business intelligence at a level which humans are currently unable to process. This will further help in making the predictions based on the multiple historical patterns which remain hidden within those particular datasets. This will definitely help in getting hold of impactful supply chain solutions.

AI can significantly contribute to some recent innovations which have been trending in transforming supply chain business such as:

#1. Drone Deliveries

Firstly, the popularity of drones is swiftly increasing across various industries like e-commerce, logistics and supply chain management. However, users are unable to increase adoption due to drones posing regulatory challenges. Like increasing air traffic, laying optimum air routes, dealing with emergencies like collision and managing drone swarms, among others, etc. AI enabled drones are eliminating the last mile delivery challenges as it allows drones and other machines to make decisions and operate on their own on your behalf. Artificial intelligence enabled drone delivery is going to be very beneficial for local deliveries.

#2. Autonomous Vehicle

Secondly, Artificial Intelligent applications from various auto manufacturers involving driverless cars have received the most attention during the rise of this era. Driverless cars are no more a dream. With the development of technology where powerful computers, GPS systems, and other small but distinct notable improvements have come up, driverless cars are no longer a dream. AI helps to make all the procedures technology proficient and highly efficient.

#3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Robotic Solutions

Finally, a robotics solution is the one taken up by many distinctive companies for managing warehouse automation. Companies are using artificial intelligence to forecast what order inventory will arrive and leave the warehouse, allowing the pallets to be placed in the correct positions, boosting efficiency in moving products. AI is driving the evolution of digital supply chain networks. As we step into the future, there is various AI-powered supply chain analytics software that empowers you to take decision proactively based on the diverse data across your supply chain. It helps is making your supply chain responsive and enables you to have real-time control over your supply chain.

To conclude, this initiative can help supply chain managers to be more dynamic and efficient in designing strategies. Investing in AI is an important next step for supply chain companies looking to lower costs and improve productivity. Supply chains can also use AI to minimize repetitive manual tasks and begin automating processes. This can enable the companies to reallocate time and resources to their core business.

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