Being a stay at home mom is more physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting than many other jobs. According to, a stay at home mom’s pay is about $143,102 in 2016 (based on all the tasks she does in the house). Unfortunately, no one seems to give enough credit to their domestic achievements. Some parents give up goals and dreams. Others leave exciting careers and take the responsibility of raising their kids. They have decided to be there for those firsts: the first crawl, the first step, the first “momma” and “dada”. Every mom approaches her home life differently and every family has different needs and challenges. However, here are some basics to make day-to-day life easier and become a successful stay at home mom.

#1. Opportunities in Your Domestic Role

‘’While I understand that the money my husband earns is “our” money, my name’s not on the checks, and my CV is not getting any fresher. After 15 years of earning my own paychecks, I struggle with asking my husband for money. Sadly, my sense of identity and ego have been altered dramatically. I worry I’ve lost the credibility I spent years establishing’’ said Jessica a new stay at home mom.

Being a stay-at-home parent means the income takes a hit. So you need to find ways to save a little bit and bring in a little extra cash.

There are dynamic women who see opportunities in their domestic role, especially the opportunities presented by the Internet. This can be a source of income if used properly. One example is the social media. It’s a growing employment field and there are small companies who need support building and managing their social media presence. Moms have the time management skills to be perfect social media managers. And of course, they can do it from home and work around family life. Many stay at home moms are already using social media anyway. So it makes sense that they could do this on behalf of businesses as paid work.

Alternatively, you can improve your skills with online classes. Nowadays most colleges and universities offer e-courses. You don’t need to be there physically to earn degrees in finance or accounting.

#2. Go Out

It’s very important to make a point of not staying at home permanently once you’re a stay-at-home mom. Find a reason every day or most days to leave your house. Go for a walk, run some errands, pick up groceries, visit Grandma. Have a coffee at the nearest restaurant or checking out a new playground on the other side of town. Also if possible meet other moms that have made the transition and seek out their advice.

#3. Successful Stay At Home Mom’s Schedule

To be a successful stay at home mom, you need to have a schedule and stick to it. It’s so important to keep your kids on a good routine. Schedule changes are so hard on children, so try to stay consistent. Same time every day and night for waking up, naps, play time, lunch and supper, and especially bedtime. But be willing to adapt. Schedules are great, but once your kids hit a certain age,  you won’t be able to go with the same flow. Additionally be an early riser. Get yourself ready for the day before your kids. Doing so you can get more done. In case you feel overwhelmed, get a good nanny to assist you in your daily tasks.

#4. Home Life: Spends Quality Time With Kids

Children grow up fast and being able to be there for them is a gift. The opportunity to spend time with your kids while they are small is once in a lifetime. Plus the way our world is nowadays, kids need guidance and support from parents more than ever.

Dr. Anthony P. Witham once said, “children spell love…T-I-M-E”. Time is a precious commodity. Spending quality time with your kids is extremely important for their development and happiness. You must find ways to spend some memorable time that will let your kids know that you love and care for them. This could mean going to a movie, or just sitting at the park on a bench and talk. Also, children love to help. Do you have a mailing to do? Have them put the stamps on the envelopes. Need to go shopping? Make grocery shopping “fun time” with you. Need to make dinner? Let them help you by contributing to the preparation process. They will look back and remember having special time with you. It’s these connections that make your kid feel loved. When you look back, you will be thankful for the memories

Settle these basics, and you can be ensured to become a successful stay at home mom.

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Written by Famio Services Team