Traveling abroad is so exciting. Exploring a new country, a new culture, new meals, is one the most enjoyable life’s experience. However while it can fun and adventurous, it can also carry risks and quickly turn into a nightmare if you are not fully prepared. That is why to avoid any problems travelers should make safety their first concern. Here are 6 travel safety tips when you check in your hotel, to ensure that you come back home safe and happy.

1. Provide contact person phone number

One of the first safety tips, when you check in your hotel, is to leave with the receptionist the contact of a person that is reachable in case of emergency. Not necessarily a name but a phone number. The person should be in a position to be easily reached just in case something happens. The same should be done to your contact person. Make sure that he/she has the contact and name of the hotel you are staying in.

2. Scan your important documents and secure your phone

Make sure that you have copies of all your important documents (e.g passport, ID…) in both soft and hard copies. Then send the soft copies to yourself by email. Additionally, you should copy and store in your email address all your phone contacts and important data in your laptop.  Then write down the most important contacts in a notebook that you can easily access in case of an emergency or need. This provides enough and reliable back-up in case of anything.

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3. Keep your passport and credit card in separate places

Always keep your passport and credit cards in separate places.  This is because you are at more risk if you lose both When either of them gets lost, the other can be of great importance when it comes to retrieving your personal and accounts information.

4. Travelers: Check hotel emergency escape routes

Another vital safety tips when traveling abroad. Once you check in, make sure that you go through all the hotel emergency escape routes within the shortest time possible.  Familiarizing yourself with these routes have proven to be of great help to many travelers in case of fires, terrorist attacks, and other related emergency cases.

5. Confirm visitors with hotel reception before letting in 

For security purposes, you should not allow any strangers of whatsoever caliber into your hotel room. (e.g cleaners, waitresses, plumbers…). Many situations are those that many bad people have got access to your room through the innocent perception that they are hotel staffs. Before letting anybody in, make sure that you call the receptionist and confirm that he/she has knowledge of the person you are about to usher in your room.

6. Traveling Abroad: Do not show off too much your lack of local knowledge

Many people have fallen victims of mistreatment and taken advantage of because they have portrayed their lack of local knowledge. It is advisable while traveling abroad, you make prior research on the culture and places. Also having a contact with a person in authority if possible, can be very helpful.

Do you have any other safety tips for travelers in mind? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Written by Famio Services Team