Needless to say that hackers are very smart. They come in all shapes and sizes. From kids to political groups their motives may widely vary. Most of them got a high level of satisfaction just for breaking into personal or business computer systems. However many people think that having the latest router combined with the latest antivirus means they are all set and have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Any security tools you install on your computer only act a deterrent. So if a hacker really wants to get in your digital life, he will come up with a hacking technique to do it. Thus, how can you protect yourself? Then getting to know your enemy a little better is a good start. Here are 5 types of hackers every smart people should be aware of, from now.

1. Script Kiddie Hackers

When it comes to expertise and technical know-how of computer hacking, script kiddies are at the bottom of the level. Mainly because they are unskilled hackers using software and scripts written by others to hack computer systems.  So they are the less dangerous ones. Usually, they don’t cause much damages like professional hackers. Most of the time, they are teenagers trying to gain notoriety in the hacking world but rarely evolve as full-time hackers. Many script Kiddies find a career later on working in the security industry.

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2. Black Hat Hacking

Basically, a black hat refers to a person who uses his computer skills in criminal activities, for personal benefits. Also known as crackers, black hats are the most dangerous hackers. Their main goal is to steal sensitive information or destroy files by breaking illegally into a computer system. They target everyone including individuals, small businesses, banks, large companies, organizations and so on. With their malicious intent, they are capable of taking control of your credit card or other financial information or someone’s identity. Technology hacking is game for them. They are even able of stealing money and intellectual property on a grand scale.

3. White Hat Hacker

It is important to keep in mind that not all hackers are bad. Some are ethical hackers who break into a computer system with a permission, in order to search for threats and vulnerabilities before the system is compromised.  They are called white hat hackers. Most of the time, companies around the world employ them to check their computer system security so that they can prevent any cyber-attacks. So those types of hackers have no malicious intent when breaking into a computer. Typically, they test how secure is a system, and try to find out if there are any faults where cybercriminals might get in. So this is very helpful for individuals and organizations.

4. Gray Hacker

A gray hat hacker is a combination of a black hat and white hat hacker. This type of hacker may use his expertise for legal or illegal acts, but not for personal gains. That’s the difference. Mostly, a gray hat hacker may hack into a system to show his personal skills or to prove that a particular system or network has some vulnerabilities. But never in order to make money out of it. When they hack legally to get money as mentioned earlier, they are white hat hackers. Otherwise, the moment they cross that boundary and break into a system with malicious intent for personal profits then they become black hat hackers.

5. Elite Hacker

Elite refers to an individual who is deemed to be an expert in his field. In the hacking world, this term is utilized to identify those who are extremely talented hackers. In fact, it’s the highest level among hackers. Their technical capabilities actually are on the “cutting edge” of both the computer and network industry. Elite hackers are generally recognized as the ones who participate in the early ages of hacking. They are the innovators.

So now you know the different types of hackers and their main motivations, it is time to take effective security measures to protect your digital life. Whether you are an individual or a corporate, it’s highly recommended to contact IT Experts. In case you need help with any computer system or network problem in Kenya, get in touch with Famio Services. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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