Although often overlooked during home renovations, the ceiling staircase can significantly enhance the look of your home. A good ceiling staircase design can even be a feature and focal point of the interior, adding character to any room. Therefore, you should consider putting as much effort into your ceiling and staircase as you do for other interior elements in your next home remodeling project. Here are some great ceiling staircase design ideas:

A tray ceiling for that wow factor

Ceiling Staircase Design

by Natalie Fuglestveit Interior

Once out of style, tray ceiling has made a comeback in residential homes and is becoming even more popular. This type of ceiling consists of at least two levels. With the center section raised at least two feet higher than the original ceiling. This methodology of design creates a dramatic structural statement and can accentuate the spaciousness of a room. If you have a house with an average height, you can opt for this ceiling design to add depth and dimension. Because of the visual effect of the tray ceiling, where the center section is raised. Even a small room can look bigger with this volume boost.

Ceiling Staircase Design ideas

by Mary Trantow

Furthermore, this type of ceiling design allows for versatility when it comes to decorations and styles. You can experiment by painting it in different colors, utilizing decorative moldings, playing with different lighting systems, or even painting a mural in the recessed part to make it an art piece in your room. A tray ceiling can be simple or grand, clean-lined or intricate, depending on what you want to bring the interior appearance of your room to the next level. If you could use some modern family room renovation ideas, check out what Model Home Makeover has shared.

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Open up your staircase for brightness and spaciousness

Good Ceiling Staircase Design

by Ehlen Creative Communications

One way of achieving the sense of airiness in your home is by opening up one of your closed staircases. Your house will look more spacious and brighter with an open staircase compared to an enclosed one. Most homes have closed staircases with their base extending from the floor to the top; Resulting in two walls on either side of the staircase. However, for your ceiling staircase design,  there are closed staircases that can be opened up with the help of professional workers. With an opened staircase, where the walls are knocked down, you also open up more choices to implement other interior designs for your home.

You can utilize the space underneath the staircase and turn it into a storage space. Or even a small reading corner by installing some shelves and a small built-in seat. Other options include transforming this space into a display system, showing off your prized collectibles or artwork. Additionally, where a closed staircase separates two rooms, an opened staircase can join the interior design of connecting two rooms together harmoniously into one space. There are many opportunities for creativity when you open up your staircase and it is something worth considering for your next remodeling project.

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Paint your vaulted ceiling for a refreshing look

staircase design-home renovation

by Andrew Roby Contractor

Vaulted ceilings are ideal for rooms with walls of uneven height. As they are usually very high up, painting them can seem like a daunting task. However, it would be a pity to leave your vaulted ceiling looking neglected while you paint the rest of the room for a fresh new look. Before you begin to paint it, you should clean it and clear away any dust and cobwebs with a cleaning device attached to a long pole. Also, move everything that is not structurally attached, out of the room. Then, apply painter’s tape along the perimeter where the walls meet the ceiling.

You should start painting the edges of your vaulted ceiling with a paintbrush so you establish a clear border between the walls and the ceiling. Then, use a roller brush to paint the entire ceiling. Wait for the first coat of paint to dry first before applying the second layer. It could seem like a challenging project. But applying a fresh coat of paint to it will certainly make your entire room look new again.

With more new techniques and materials available today for ceiling staircase design, it is worthwhile to invest in them. Because they can greatly elevate the interior appearance of your home. As a result, the value of your property will also significantly increase.