The life of a homeowner is full of repairs, improvement projects, and property maintenance. While these jobs can usually be accomplished with simple tools and a little hard work, there are easier and safer ways to care for your home and property. Before you begin your next project, consider taking a note from the professionals and utilizing one of their tools of the trade.

#1. Sturdy Footwear

Regardless of the home improvement or DIY project that you have planned, a reliable and comfortable set of professional footwear is an essential item to wear for any home project. This is especially true if your project requires you to lift, move, or carry heavy objects. Accidents can happen on any work site or during any home improvement projects; which could result in heavy objects being dropped on your feet. The best way to protect your feet in such an eventuality is to wear a pair of professional steel-toed boots or composite toe boots. While steel-toed boots are a popular type of professional footwear for construction workers, they can be very uncomfortable. Uncomfortable footwear worn for several hours a day will cause unbearable foot pains, blisters, and calluses.

Composite toe boots are a more comfortable version of steel-toed boots with the same protection. For example, Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 6-Inch Composite Toe Boots are among the most comfortable composite toe shoes on the market right now, but there is a variety you can choose from.

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#2. Lawn Tractor

A lawn tractor, or a riding lawn mower as some call it, is a popular professional tool used by all reputable landscaping companies that can provide multiple benefits to small property owners. Efficient and powerful, a lawn tractor can cut large areas of grass in less time and requires less physical effort. These benefits are very attractive to those who own property with a large yard; or for a family that’s more advanced in years.

The accessories and features of a riding lawn mower can be diverse and numerous. A riding lawn mower can be fitted with a plow to plow through snow during the winter. It can pull a trailer to haul heavy items long distances and can be used to gather and grind leaves during the autumn season. Whether you own a residential property or a farm, a lawn tractor is versatile enough to service many of your outdoor needs during any season of the year.

#3. Drain Auger

No matter how careful you are with what you put down your drains, you will eventually find that one of your drains is slow or clogged. Drains can become clogged in any number of ways including hair, grease, skin flakes, or other waste products. Plungers and liquid clog removers are the popular clog removal methods for most households. There is another option for clog removal that professional plumbers utilize which is called a drain auger. Also known as a drain snake or a plumber’s snake, a drain auger is a flexible rust-resistant metal coil that can be inserted down into a drain to loosen clogs or trim down gunk that has accumulated inside of the pipe and is slowing the flow of water. Drain augers are sold in most home improvement stores and can be powered either manually or by electric.

#4. Safety Glasses

Home improvement projects can be exciting, but they can also pose a serious risk to your health. Your eyes are one of the most delicate areas of your body that can be injured during a home improvement project. These hazards can include flying debris, fumes, or disturbed particulate. To protect your eyes, invest in a pair of polycarbonate safety glasses and wear them during all of your construction projects or landscaping chores.

#5. Respirators

The same fumes and particulates that can damage your eyes are also able to be inhaled into your lungs. Inhaling fumes, dust, and particulates can cause serious respiratory health issues that can cause long-lasting damage. Using a respirator during your home improvement projects will help to protect your lungs from exposure to such pollutants. The type of work you’re performing will determine the type of respirator that would provide the maximum amount of needed protection.


Please remember that knowing what you can handle and when it’s time to get some help; (be that professional, or simply someone you know that can lend you a helping hand) is really important. The above equipment items are meant to help you keep safe. But they are also designed to be used in a specific, professional environment. That’s why it’s best to get all the information you can before purchasing and especially before putting them to use.

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