Has it ever popped into your mind that you want to start a website of your own? It could be an application, an online shopping store or just a website about yourself. The only issue holding you back from realizing your dream could be that, you just don’t know how to do it. Creating a website requires knowledge in programming, and obviously, you need a Programmer for this. So how do you hire a Programmer? What can you expect from them? How do you make the best use of their skill? Let’s find out.

1) Version 1.0

Compress your big dreams. It’s great to dream big, but for an effective and successful start, narrow down your list of ideas to the important few. What are you exactly trying to achieve? The programmer would like to have your ideas served to him in a compact form. He does not have to know about all the details of your big dream.

2) Summarize

Don’t present the programmer with an essay of your dreams. Be precise. For example, if you want to start a website that sells a new type of yoga mat that reduces body pain, just say. “Sell Yoga Mat”. That will do. Mention clearly the different people who get involved in the working of the website. Like, the buyer, the seller, the editor, and so on.

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3) Hire the right programmer: Explain every link

Tell the programmer, what every click does. Starting from the homepage, explain properly where every link takes the user to. Give different conditions. What happens when the user first enters the website? If he is a returning user, what message should be displayed? Or if he enters a wrong password, should he be taken back to the homepage? If he stays logged in for more than 5mins without activity, should he be automatically logged out? This manner, the programmer has everything clear in hand and does not have to come back to you with doubts and clarifications. Keeping things crisp makes everything easier for the Programmer and does not get them on their nerves.

4) Keep smaller Milestones

Break the big chunk into smaller pieces. Don’t expect the website to look fabulous on the first day. Work in parts. The site could look extremely boring initially, but that is just a start.  Let the Programmer make additions over time. Rushing and trying to achieve everything in one go, might land you with a website full of technical glitches and error messages. When you proceed step by step, you’ll be able to notice the changes and progress and thus both you and the Programmer will feel motivated to move forward.

5) Let the first step be a project of its own

Writing all details about your dreams could intimidate the Programmer. Post an advertisement asking for an eligible Programmer. In the details, mention just the basics of your first milestone. But be sure that you mention all that you need to get work done. When you try to hire programmers online, there are high chances that you get replies from spammers or Programmers who haven’t even read through your conditions.

6) Messages

To avoid this, put a small message that has to be inserted in the response message, for example. “I am very much real!” In this manner, you can easily filter out the responses and identify who exactly has read through your conditions and requirements.

7) Get Online

Post your project idea on websites, like www.upwork.com, www.guru.com, www.freelancer.com. These websites will have freelancers from all across the globe, so you will have a larger number of responses and a large number of experts to choose from. Again, make sure that your secret message is used in the response. If it is missing, immediately ignore the response. You definitely cannot expect quality work from someone who does not read the basic instructions carefully. These websites also rate and give space for reviews. Carefully read through the reviews for the programmers from their previous employers. This will help choose the right guy who is experienced in what he does. Don’t bother if he charges a bit too much. He could probably be best in the job and you wouldn’t have to worry about a quality output.

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8) Hire a few

Just to be on the safe side, hire two or three guys just for the first milestone. This might cost you a bit, but will be the best decision in the long run. You will be able to make a choice of a better Programmer and thus have a better end product.

9) Fix on your guy for the job

When you finalize on the right person who is capable of doing your job efficiently, go ahead with explaining you further milestones. Take them through your steps one by one and explain your project to them elaborately. Most Programmers would like you to make payments and write reviews through the website you hired them so that their reputation on the website increases. Do as they prefer.

In short, keep everything crisp and precise. Choose the right programmer who is patient and capable of doing your job right. You too, be patient. Wait for the right person. Do not rush in and finalize on the first applicant. Always remember, slow and steady wins the race.

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Kyra is a Hiring Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency – an IT Recruitment Agency. She specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, Hiring Programmers Online, HR services, and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.