Wouldn’t be great to have a place close by where you could retreat to and escape the stresses, troubles, and tornados that the modern culture throws at us? A refuge where you would be with people who genuinely want to see you succeed and enjoy life fully? Happily, this safe shelter exists for most of us and we do not have to leave our privacy. Actually, this place is our own home and the family members within it. A family is the most important gift that God has given to a human being. In this modern society full of stress and conflicts, there is nothing better than taking your own family as our closest friends and allies. That is why in vital to find ways to strengthen family Relationships. This article will show you how weekly family activities can help making stronger any family relationships.

One of the major goals of every family should be to build the self-esteem of each member. It has been proven that kids who feel valued by their parents and extend families have a higher sense of themselves. So the communication between parents, children, siblings, or couples is very important. Each of them must find some ways to build the connections that lead all family members to feel valued.

Weekly Family Meetings 

Among the best tools for building a strong family relationship are the periodic family meetings. This kind of tool has many form and purposes. One form is to carry out a casual meeting like an event with take-out food. It should be done according to the structure and preference of the family. Each meeting should have a specific topic and agenda. No matter the purpose, the objective remains the same: strengthen family relationships by showing the values of any members of the family. Parents, children, everyone must be involved in order for the gathering to be a success. However, respect is key. Everyone should listen and everyone should be heard. The topic can change every week depending on the family needs.

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The Strategy

For a successful family relationship building, each meeting should be important as any other business meetings or events. It needs to rank high on the priority list. Every parent must schedule a specific place and then try to keep the date and time as consistent as possible. The objective of this kind of meetings is to stay in touch with all other family members and see what’s going on. Reason why it is important to get each member involved. Whether it’s a suggestion or an issue, everyone is expected to listen and respect other opinions without criticism. It will help members to stay focused and respectful.  The topic should not be changed once introduced until everyone speaks his mind.  Also responding in “around a table” manner, may be convenient for each member. However, someone can request to speak again so that a member doesn’t monopolize the entire speech.


Let’s assume that “Jack” the oldest family member wants an organized and quick meeting, while Sophie, would like something different. Maybe a bit longer with a white color as the event theme. On the other hands, “Luc” wants to organize on his own, as he thinks that everything is boring. The best way to solve this is to alternate the events and the content of the meeting. Perhaps implementing the idea of Jack first and then the next week pick Sophie’s ideas. Later, take another member’s proposal.  In this way, each member will have the feeling of being useful and it will create an atmosphere of support and encouragement. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the topic and the rules of all meeting should reflect the value of every member.


The agenda of the family meeting should be as unique as your family. The first gathering, you might talk about an upcoming event. In the second meeting, the purpose might be to find out how to solve a specific problem. The third one might be to discuss a night out with the whole family. The timeframe, the location and the content of the meeting should vary from time to time. One Important thing is to always make sure to approach any nagging issues with fun and positive interactions. Do not forget the goal: connect as one whole family. Allow a family member to decide where to go. All of these, will strengthen the family relationships.

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Some Ideas of Weekly Family Activities 

It’s good, to come up with a variety of activities that might make your family’s connections stronger. There are many weekly family activities such as going to a favorite restaurant, playing golf together, going out for a movie, making a pizza at home etc.  Take the whole family to the shopping mall for shopping, or work together on some other household task. That will help to understand better some values like budgeting, teamwork, save money, and other important things. Additionally, you can introduce a new project that all family members can work on together to achieve success. You should select areas where each member might better contribute, in order to ensure the success of the whole project. Alternatively, you can start learning a new skill together, such as a new language, or photography, videography, or baking and so on.

Finally, in order to strengthen family relationships, it is important to maintain periodic activities with the whole family and communicate more often. These tips and strategies will help you succeed with the people in your life, both at home and in the workplace.

Do you have any other weekly family activities in mind, that you would like to share? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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