Video Game Addiction isn’t yet an officially recognized form of addiction. However, there are a lot of studies that show that video games can cause addiction. Oftentimes, people who play video games excessively display some of the warning signs of addiction. For example, they may become socially reclusive, they may become aggressive when you take away their ability to play video games, etc. This is because video games inject dopamine into the brain. This is the same chemical which causes addiction to drugs, and it’s also the chemical released in your brain during young love. As such, this is a very strong case for the fact that video game addiction is real.

However, video game addiction doesn’t happen out of the blue. If an individual has a healthy work and social life, they’re not likely to get addicted in the first place. Addiction usually occurs as a means of making up for a lack in an individual’s life. The following are some of the risk factors associated with video game addiction:

1. Lack of Accomplishments in Life

If an individual feels that they’re not performing well in life, or if they’re made to feel like a “loser in high school, then they may retreat into a virtual world of earning coins and “level ups” so as to supplement that lack of achievement with virtual victories.

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2. Lack of Parental Care and Support

Oftentimes, if kids feel like they’re being ignored by their parents, they look for acceptance elsewhere. Video games are easy to get addicted to because they offer the individual an escape from life at home, and also some sense of acceptance from an online world of gamers, in case of Multi-Player Games.

3. Behavior Struggles

If a child is temperamental, moody, or naturally angry, it’s possible that they may also start feeling the throes of rejection and social isolation in school. This gets them to retreat into the world of gaming where rewards come easy and where rejection isn’t available.

4. Issues at Home

This point relates to the earlier point about the lack of parental support. Sometimes, if parents are going through a separation, divorce, etc, they forget to treat children with the kind of attention that they need. This leads to the child feeling unloved and unwanted, which is why they resort to video games to feel a sense of belonging.

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5. Impulsive Nature

Usually, when children are extremely impulsive, they find it difficult to contain themselves within all of the rules of society. As such, they retreat into the world of video games which comes with far fewer rules and boundaries.

These are just a few amongst many risk factors that lead to kids turning to video game addiction. However, the risk factors aren’t enough. You have to really be watchful of the signs of video game addiction, which you can read about in that infographic below designed by Gaming Chair Insider.

video game addiction-risk factors-Famio Services

I hope this article has helped you determine the factors that influence video gaming addictions. However, don’t be afraid of indulging in video games. In moderation, they can even be healthy, but you should maintain boundaries.

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