The year 2018 is on the cusp of ending. Around this time many people will start thinking of New Year’s resolutions that they intend on following through on. Perhaps, then, it may be a good time to also start thinking of home renovation or maintenance resolutions that you can follow through on in order to avoid plumbing headaches in the future. By keeping your plumbing in tip-top shape you will save large amounts of money and possibly even avoid having to call a plumber. It is recommended that you nip minor plumbing problems in the bud before they grow into catastrophic plumbing nightmares. Here, we will discuss some easy and quick ways to avoid having to call a plumber to your home.

#1. Cut Down on Your Water Usage

You should begin by calculating how much water you consume on a daily basis. Then try and scale back on how much water you use to save money on your heating and utility bill. The good news is you don’t have to turn your life upside down to cut back on your water usage. Some simple steps you can take to cut down on your water usage include turning the faucet off when you are brushing your teeth. 

Also, you should try and pay extra attention to your pipes during the winter because they are especially vulnerable to frigid temperatures during the winter. Left untreated damaged pipes will burst, leading to severe water damage and flooding that will necessitate a call to a plumber. To avoid paying an arm and a leg to fix them, not to mention the hundreds, if not thousands, you will need to spend to fix them, insulate your pipes properly when winter arrives.

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#2. Quit Treating Your Toilet Like a Trashcan

Toilet plumbing resolutions

You should never try and flush coffee grounds, cooking oils, or human or pet hair down your toilet drain. Moreover, if time is of the essence, then you can perform a quick touch up using some toothpaste or some Coca-Cola or some other fizzy drink. Hard to remove stains can be eliminated by using some sandpaper and some elbow grease. And you can also remove water stains via a combination of borax, lemon juice, and vinegar. By following the aforementioned tips you can prevent your toilet from clogging and keep it looking and smelling its absolute freshest.

#3. Warm Up Your Pipes For the Winter

Pipe plumbing resolutions

Cold temperatures during the winter can really do a number on your pipes. So you should do everything in your power to prevent them from being beaten up during the winter. To prevent them from getting damaged or even bursting, it is recommended that you properly insulate them during the winter. Pipes, like most things in life, will start to deteriorate and degrade with time. Metal pipes, in particular, are very susceptible to corrosion. And if you have plastic pipes then you should know that they will also break down naturally. The pipes in your home have to deal with immense water pressure on a daily basis. Also, as they continue to age their ability to deal with the aforementioned immense water pressure will actually decline.

As time passes, the chances of them eventually succumbing to the immense pressure and wear and tear will only increase, so your best defense against aging pipes is to replace them before they burst. Another issue to worry about is clogged pipes. Mineral deposits will accumulate in your pipes with due time. Water flow will be hindered from the build-up and the pressure inside them will only increase with time. In addition, some places are also notorious for having water with a high mineral count. To bypass hard water issues you should ask a plumber to install a water softener to protect your pipes. Water softeners are designed to prevent pipes from clogging as well as eliminate minerals from water.

#4. Have the Right Tools on Hand

plumbing tools

Having the right tools on hand, whenever you need them, will allow you to solve plumbing issues as soon as they occur. You can perform minor plumbing repairs in and around the house in a cinch; if you have a toolbox or a section of your home reserved for your wrench, pliers, and plunger.

#5. Stop Small Problems Before They Turn Into Big Ones


You can (relatively) easily fix water damage, or prevent it altogether, by getting to it as soon as possible. Hence, if you notice that your faucet is leaking, take care of it immediately. In other words, be proactive with your plumbing work and small problems will remain small or nonexistent. If it’s a bigger problem, calling a professional plumber will eliminate the problem.

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