Depending on your location and time of year, you may often find yourself struggling with ants of all sizes. Not only are they highly annoying, moving around on surfaces which are normally meant for food preparation, they also create a mess wherever they go; possibly even building a nest inside your home by moving sand granules from outside into specific corners of your home. Thus, you have no choice but to find safe and natural ways of getting rid of them; especially if you have pets or small children. Always keep the following safe ways to get rid of ants in your home in mind, the next time you find yourself stuck with an ant problem.

1. Sprinkle Some Ground Cinnamon

Most households tend to have ground cinnamon somewhere in a cupboard, normally used in warm oats or tea. But ground cinnamon is particularly useful for dealing with pesky ants. Simply sprinkle cinnamon in their path and watch them disappear; whilst adding a delicious aroma to your home.

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2. Try Borax and Sugar

Although borax needs to be kept away from small children and pets, mixed with sugar and water makes for a deliciously sticky mixture loved by ants of all sizes. This works especially well if you’re dealing with an ant nest. They’ll end up carrying the mixture back to the nest, killing the ant queen and causing the death of the entire colony.

3. Draw With Chalk

As simple as it may sound, using chalk to draw a line around the ‘infected’ area will stop ants from crossing the line. Although this works particularly well around a small area. The last thing you want is having to draw a long line around your house or every window.

4. Spray a Little Bit of Vinegar

You can easily use a mixture of vinegar, washing up liquid, and peppermint oil by spraying it directly into the nest. It may not be a pleasant death for the ants, but it makes for a safe alternative to pest control chemicals. Alternatively, wipe down your counters with vinegar and water to prevent ants from wanting to come anywhere near your kitchen in the first place.

5. Get Rid Of Ants: Opt For Lemon Juice

The acid found in lemon juice has an effect on the ant’s sense of tracking; which makes it a safe option for getting rid of ants naturally. Add pure lemon juice directly to the opening of the nest and watch them disappear slowly.

6. Ground Up Some Coffee.

Although coffee doesn’t kill ants, it definitely makes them move homes. So, if your goal is to simply make them move out of your home into their own, ground up a little bit of coffee and add it to the nest. They’ll move and leave your home alone; which is exactly what you’re after.

7. Add Cream of Wheat to The Mix

One of the natural ways to get rid of ants is by using some cream of wheat. As a delicious snack for ants, cream of wheat, unfortunately, makes them pop. The cream of wheat expands in their bodies, causing them to bloat and eventually burst. It may not be one of the most pleasant things to see, but it accomplishes the goal of getting rid of them. Having an ant problem isn’t pleasant. It often requires plenty of patience, a heap load of different products, and money wasted. Just trying to find a product that actually works; placing your loved ones in danger by using harsh chemicals.

However, if all else fails and you’re stuck with an even bigger ant problem or you simply couldn’t bother to attempt the above-mentioned pest control tips, it’s always handy to find affordable residential pest control services to ensure that the job gets done. Not only do they know exactly which products to use where, in a safe manner, you don’t have to worry about dealing with an ant problem all on your own.

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