Anyone who stepped into the freelancing world at some point needed to face the dilemma of finding the best way to market their skills and talent. As a budding freelancer, you probably have some experience working on global freelancing platforms. But still, have difficulties when it to comes to attracting and keeping your clients due to a thriving competition. The truth is that even though working as a freelancer is sought after by many, just a few can market themselves right and manage to successfully attract new clients. Here are some tips on how to successfully promote yourself as a budding freelancer:

Write a Blog

There is no better way to get started than by writing a blog. As a freelancer, you probably have a skill that you can present not only to your clients but also to your readers. A good start would be just to write about the obstacles that you face in your line of work and how to solve them. This is useful for making new contacts that will eventually become new clients. Your blog should also include all the services you offer, your online portfolio and the ways that the readers or clients can contact you.

Stand out Online

When facing a strong competition, the only way to get the clients is simply by building your presence online. Nowadays, even writing a blog is not enough if the readers can’t find you. Therefore, stand out from the crowd by promoting your service with right SEO campaign. Many browse the web trying to find some useful blog posts. When you get down to writing your blog next time, use a free SEO plugin that enables you to find the same keyword phrases which the potential clients are searching for. In this way, your visibility will grow as well as the number of the clients.

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Hunt on Social Media

In your hunt for the new clients, the business networking platforms can be helpful. However, if you have neither connections nor recommendations it will be difficult to market yourself right. Consider using social media for promotional purposes. For example, by creating a Facebook account, you can easily get in touch with old acquaintances or make new contacts. As a result, new projects could come without sending a single business e-mail. We often forget the power of share and like button. So, make sure to share your work with the world.

Budding Freelancer Projects

Another effective way of reaching out to new connections or clients is getting involved in different personal projects. Maybe this project is your hobby, maybe it is teaching others about your field of expertise. But this will surely get you some valuable connections. For example, make a conference where people can share their personal experience about a particular topic. Rent a coworking space or a cafe and set up brochure holders with promotional material, so your audience gets the idea of your line of work. If you do not know where to find such items, take a look at these nifty DisplayME brochure holders, they might bring value to your operation.

Client and You

First of all, depending on the client you are dealing with, think about how much you should charge the client. If the client just wants the job done regardless of its quality, think what kind of feedback you can get from this client. It probably won’t be good. In case the client is ready to overpay a simple project, it wouldn’t be fair to overcharge it. Your client will appreciate your honesty by giving a fair price and could become a regular customer, which is definitely a win-win situation. With a permanent customer, try to maintain a good professional relationship by offering some bonuses as to ensure that they will keep coming back.

Freelancing: Easy-to-follow Tips

Every freelancer who has come a long way will tell you that the most difficult part of a freelancing career is just to get started. Therefore, do not hesitate to put a spotlight on your work and share it with the world. By taking advantage of writing a blog and SEO, your presence will easily grow. Make the most of the social media, but do not forget to give something in return and share your experience with others. As a budding freelancer, treat the clients with respect and as to keep them coming back.

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