Planning a home improvement project takes time. And all you’ll want to do is get started on the actual renovation work. But the planning stage is essential so that you’ll have direction on where the project is going. This phase has become a lot easier in recent times with the advent of so many practical and helpful home improvement apps. Which simplify the big decisions such as choosing suppliers and colour schemes, as well as enabling you to visualize how your home will appear after the renovation work is completed.

#1. Decide What Renovations You Wish to Carry Out

Perhaps you’re struggling for ideas or you wish to narrow down any rough ideas you already have in mind. If this is the case, then Pinterest is a must-have. With millions of users worldwide, you won’t lack for design inspiration from the plethora of ideas on offer. Another fantastic source of inspiration is Houzz, which contains an abundance of photos which are sure to trigger your creativity, along with excellent advice articles on how to approach home renovation. It also enables you to source suppliers for each job and has the bonus of being available offline.

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#2. Budget

Budgeting is another crucial factor in a home renovation project. From the planning stage right throughout the implementation of each task, you’ll need to assess the likely costs. This is an ongoing process; you can’t just determine a figure at the outset and work off that blindly. As situations can arise where you may need to budget for more than you originally estimated. The Homezada app is one of the helpful home improvement apps. It allows you to continually track the costs of a renovation project and identify any areas which need attention.

#3. Planning & Implementation

If you’re unsure of what colours to pick or whether some colours you’ve suggested will complement one another, Color911 allows you to visualize how they will appear within the context of a room. Enabling you to judge how well the combination works. You can also add photos of furniture and the app will suggest the ideal colours to go with it. So that there isn’t an unexpected and off-putting clash. TapPainter performs a similar function of previewing how colours will appear alongside each other so you can decide if it works or not.

After all the planning, of course, comes the implementation. If you don’t have all the tools of the trade for any jobs you’re taking on, there might not be a need to splash out at a hardware store. Many common tools are now incorporated into apps which can substitute effectively; While there are numerous apps which facilitate the taking of notes over the course of the work. Photo Measures is a fantastic app for taking accurate measurements and storing these for quick access. Saving the need to jot down figures and keep these on you all the time.

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#4. Home Improvement Apps – Infographic

Here is an infographic from Senator Windows which suggests a few apps that are worth having before you start into a home improvement project.


Jane Crosbie is the Marketing Manager with Senator Windows, which supplies high-quality, secure and energy-efficient doors and windows to homes throughout Ireland.