Needless to say that nowadays, business is not only about having great products or providing good services. It goes beyond that. To be successful in any businesses, creating an impactful relationship with other people is key – Friends, colleagues, and clients and so on – Yes, going to the extra miles is required.  That is where business etiquette comes in. As people judge businesses in social and professional situations. So, it is vital for entrepreneurs, professionals, and businessmen to understand the different types of business etiquette and their rules. Whether it is an international or local business, there are some areas, to pay attention when interacting with others. Here are some golden rules to help to make a good impression and succeed in businesses. So if you are an entrepreneur, a professional, or a corporate willing to take your business to the next level then keep reading.

How You Greet People

Regardless of your position, your gender or your country, greeting people around you has a positive impact. And if people greet you, greet them back. Also when shaking hands, make sure to give a good and firm handshake. This will set a great impression and might lead to a successful business partnership. If you are a senior or the host, be the first to initiate the handshaking. Never forget to smile. It another nice way to set the tone for introductions or any business meetings. Greetings in the right manner are imperative for good business etiquette.

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Introducing People The Right Way

When introducing people, to each other’s during a business meeting, there is a proper way to do it. Firstly, start by introducing the one who has higher authority, using their full name and their job position or responsibility. Then, introduce that person to the one with lower authority. Also, ensure to mention his or her full name. Repeat the same with other members until everyone knows each other. Finally, do not forget to stand up if sitting when being introduced to someone else. This courteous gesture is very important as it shows consideration and good manner and makes one feel valued. This will positively impact your business etiquette.

Business Etiquette: Sitting Posture Matters

When seated during a business meeting, be it in the office or in a restaurant, do not cross your legs while sitting. This posture may be a sign of disrespect and sometimes might be distracting.  Sit appropriately and make sure to adjust your chair to the meeting table when possible. Also follow the basic seating protocol, meaning that the host always sits at the head of the table and the guests on his right and left side.  Since in all business etiquette, appropriate seating is implemented according to hierarchal rank.

The Way You Dress

The dressing style is another form of communication. The way a person dresses tells a lot about him or her. That is why dressing properly for a meeting is an important part of successful business etiquette. So, before any business meeting or networking event, always check out or enquire the dress code if possible. Whether it is formal or casual, you need to understand how people dress for this particular meeting or event. It all depends on the country, the culture or the kind of meeting. Additionally, stay polite, as many people have lost business opportunities and careers because of bad behaviors. There are two sentences that show politeness in any conversation and it is crucial in a professional environment. “Please” and “Thank you”. Do not forget to use them when necessary.

Using Cellphone During Meeting

It is amazing how many people enjoy putting their cellphone on the table during some meeting, just to show off. However, it is good etiquette to keep the phone hidden or in the pocket and only answer calls when necessary. When picking calls, make sure to do it outside so you don’t interrupt the meeting. Alternatively, just switch off your phone. This shows that this meeting is the most important thing on your agenda at this moment.

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Being Punctual

We all say “time is money”. If time is paramount in most business sectors, countries have different levels of tolerance. In some areas, like logistics industries being on time is vital. As delays impact works and business productivity. And being late can sometimes be seen as a negative sign of that person. In other places, people can be a little be tolerated but not every time. So, regardless of where you live, be always on time in order to have a positive business etiquette.

To conclude, the importance of business etiquette is crucial. Nowadays, growing a business without a proper business etiquette in place is quite challenging. That is why many companies have already started implementing business etiquette training as part of their business growth strategy. The principle is to make others feel more valued. This principle seems simple but very subtle at the same time as it can take your business success to the next level.

Written by Famio Services Team