Looking for a safari trip in Kenya experience? If you are a wildlife enthusiast, no matter whether you are a first-time traveler or a maestro, the continent of Africa is brimming with opportunities. For those who are really keen to experience the thrill of adventure in the wild, then head to Africa for amazing safari expeditions.

Africa – Into The World’s Last Wild Frontier

First, as the world’s second-largest and populous continent, Africa sets the tone for an incredible diversity of wildlife and wonderful adventures. It has boundless wilderness and an amazing variety of accommodation. So, let’s whip up some inspiration to whet your travel appetite and bring out your wild side!

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1. Tanzania, home to Africa’s Rooftop

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The Mount Kilimanjaro is the Africa’s rooftop, and the world’s highest freestanding mountain. Also discover the Ngorongoro Crater, and the magnificent Serengeti Plains, with unparalleled wildlife population. Enjoy some of Africa’s best gaming experiences.

Serengeti National Park – one of the world’s most prolific wildlife refuges, home to about 2,500 African lions, 518 bird species and perhaps the world’s largest animal concentration. Famous for ‘The Great Migration’, best viewed aerially, almost 2.5 million wildlife undertake a 2,000 km round-trip journey between Tanzania and Kenya across the Serengeti ecosystem. Enjoy wildlife safari expeditions and camp at one of many campsites.

2. Kenya, the Big Game Country

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Kenya is one of Africa’s most awesome destinations with the stunning Masai Mara savannah and exotic wildlife. Additionally, it has thriving mountain forests, the finest accommodations and over 40 parks and game reserves. Masai Mara National Reserve – part of the Serengeti Park located in southwest Kenya and watered by the Masai Mara River. This is one of the greatest African wildlife reserves (1,510 sq km). It’s home to an impressive number of predators like lions and leopards, also wildebeest, gazelles, zebras, and 570 bird species.

3. South Africa, the World In One Country

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Spread from the Limpopo River and Mpumalanga in the north-east, this is home to the magnificent Drakensberg mountain range. The springtime symphony of Namakwa wildflowers, the iconic table mountain, and the impressive Kruger National Park. It is 19,633 sq km of Africa’s most accessible wildlife reserve and a record-breaking refuge for the Big Five game animals – African Lion, African elephant, cape buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros. Kruger is home to 114 reptile species, including the black mamba, 507 bird species, 147 mammal types and 3,000 crocodiles. On-site accommodations vary from camps, safari tents, luxury lodges and bungalows.

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4. Botswana, the jewel of the East African Coast

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National parks here are among Africa’s wildest, distinguished by open spaces where nature rules supreme. Draped in awesome landscapes, rich wetlands, arid deserts, expansive savannahs and teeming game reserves, wildlife includes lions, elephants, wild dog, buffalo, hippo, and crocodiles.

  • Moremi Wildlife Reserve – a wildlife-packed haven.
  • Central Kalahari Game Reserve – the largest game reserve and the largest sand basin in the world.
  • Okavango Delta – Africa’s largest, most stunning seasonal oasis of wildlife includes crocodile, hippo, and antelope.
  • Chobe National Park – vast expanses include a magnificent riverfront, inland marsh and savannah zones.

5. Zambia, land of the legendary African walking safari Expeditions

Said to be one of the world’s safest countries, some of the best safari expeditions can be found in this warm heart of Africa. Discover the wealth of wildlife and be awe-inspired by the stunning Victoria Falls.

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South Luangwa National Park – one of the world’s greatest wildlife sanctuaries, where the concentration of animals around Luangwa River. Also, its oxbow lagoons, are alleged to be among the most profound in Africa. The famous walking safari is one of the best ways to have close encounters with Africa’s wilderness. Large populations of waterbuck giraffes, impalas, and herds of elephants and buffaloes are seen wandering across wide-open plains.

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6. Uganda, home to the endangered wild mountain gorilla and Batwa Pygmies

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Not your classic must-see tourist destination, Uganda boasts something few other countries can – wild gorillas. Merely 700 wild mountain gorillas remain in the world, concentrated in the largely impenetrable environs of Bwindi Forest. A gorilla trekking safari lets you get up-close and personal with these mountain gorillas. Expanses of thornbush savannah brimming with antelope, buffalo and elephant are characteristic of equatorial East Africa.

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