“The sun is shining and sunlight warms your body and heart. You swim in the sea and discover the most stunning colors and creatures. You walk over the land surrounded by birds and majestic trees. The air is pure, the sky seems to go on forever….” Enchanting Travels’ Omondi Amimo explores remote Mozambique.

When you travel to Mozambique you can embrace a less discovered landscape and community. We arrive at Nuarro Lodge in Memba Bay, Mozambique on a dark and chilly night to a warm reception by our host. We are relieved to have finally made it after a long drive into this remote location. Nothing quite prepared us for this sojourn into the end of the planet, where no one seems to live, save for a tiny village.

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Bush Birthday

After freshening up we are sitting at the bar counter, waiting for dinner. I’m curiously watching the kitchen door waiting for my order when something on the kitchen menu board strikes me as familiar. I figure it out. Written in bold, the date 21/07 stands out. Today is my birthday! With suppressed excitement, I tell my fellow diners. “Well, honestly, how could I have forgotten today was my birthday?” I ask myself.

It has been a busy week and the day has been hectic. The event could have easily passed by, just like that. Had it not been for my chalked discovery at the Nuarro Lodge Restaurant. That night we have one of the most delicious dinners washed down with wine and hosted by Steve and Lóla, the managers and co-founders. It’s a truly welcome birthday gift.

Baixo Marvelous

Nuarro Lodge-memba bay-mozambique

The following morning provides us with a great opportunity to see Memba Bay where Nuarro Lodge is located. Instead of taking a bike tour through the village, we decide to drive down to Baixo Do Pinda. Despite being in the middle of nowhere Pinda Bay has a lighthouse towering over Memba Bay and the small fishing village below. Looking down from the apex, I cannot help but marvel at the beautiful landscape: a perfectly white beach connecting the village to the picturesque outline of azure waters. The contrast is amazing, with the tropical baobab dotted settlement and makuti (palm) thatched huts against the different shades of blue that play out in the Indian Ocean. It’s an inviting bewitchment for painters and photographers, I’m sure.

We go kayaking in the mangrove forest with only birds for company before returning to the lodge in time for lunch. The midday light reveals an astonishingly beautifully property. Nuarro Lodge has twelve chalets spread evenly across the bay and each one spaced out for maximum exclusivity and privacy. Each chalet, constructed from pure, natural materials, true to the concept of eco-luxury, is fronted with large wooden verandahs and a sun-deck close to the ocean water. It’s the perfect place to take a sunbath or indulge in evening stargazing.

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Coral Dreams

Enchanting Travels - Mozambique Tours - Memba Bay - Nuarro Lodge

Due to the owners’ passion for diving, the resort’s Marine Activity Center is a fully equipped PADI Centre to cater for all levels of recreational divers, including wannabes. The local bay’s combination of dramatic bottom topography, water visibility, easy reef access, and coral/fish diversity is truly world class and ideal for all diving levels. The direct access to the sea, the closeness of the continental shelf and undiscovered sites make Nuarro a perfect diving location. You can snorkel and dive straight from the beach.

Swimming is possible at low tides. The local sea creatures and big fish have found a truly serene home, not only to live but also to breed. It’s also a superb spot to watch the seasonal whales and dolphins from July to November.

Bidding Farewell

Amimo-Nuarro Lodge-Boat-excursion-mozambique-memba bay

Before we drive off, there is one more sumptuous meal waiting for us at Nuarro restaurant. Which occupies a prime spot overlooking the panoramic stretch that runs southwards along the bay into infinity. From here, one can see the fishermen venturing to and from their sea expeditions. I’m sad to leave Nuarro as we drive out of Memba Bay through villages of friendly Macua people. We wave goodbye to women dressed in colorful capulana (native printed cloth). This is a place where few have been and fewer still have the privilege of exploring.
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