10 New Year Resolutions For Your Home

>>>10 New Year Resolutions For Your Home
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The starting of a new year brings in new hopes and beginnings. It is the time of the year to start afresh and hope that this will be best year ever. The celebration of a new year is something that all we look forward to. It is the time of the year when people rejoice across the globe. It is the best time make resolutions. In the spirit of the new start, we have come up with some resolutions that will make you give your home the attention it needs. Here are 10 ideas that you can adopt and make your house a home this year

1. Clean Your Home

House cleaning is a tedious task for many homeowners. But now you have every excuse to clean your house for a new year. Make this a top priority. In fact, cleanliness is next to godliness. This will make your home your own paradise! Who doesn’t like a shiny, clean house?

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2. Streamline Your Stuff

One of the best ways to for a cleaner house is decluttering. Each year we get new stuff which we may or may not use. This year make a resolution to get rid of anything that you don’t use or wear. You can donate it to charity. Just a tip- it’s always recommended to think twice before buying!

3. Get Organized

Now you have reduced the clutter in your house, it’s time to organize the things. Try to make a list. Prepare new plans to tackle them and think about how you can maximize your space and beautify it. You can even take help of professional organizers to resolve your messiest project. Make space and bring in indoor plants!

4. Make Your Home Safe

Your home should be cozy, the place where your children and you can feel safe. You can ensure that you and your loved ones remain out of harm’s way by installing a smoke alarm and multi-purpose fire extinguisher. These may seem unimportant but can help in avoiding all kinds of accidents and provide you with an accident-proof dwelling.

5. Keep A Check On Your Energy Bills

We are still in the midst of New Year arrivals and it’s important to keep your appliances running smoothly. New Year is the time to monitor your energy bills. Heating and cooling devices consume a lot of energy. If not inspected properly, they can surely give you a lot of trouble throughout the year. With proper maintenance of air conditioners and other home appliances in the beginning of the year can keep you relaxed about energy bills.

6. Get Your Indoors Green

You can decorate your home with some indoor plants. This way you can beautify your home and stay connected to nature. Houseplants help to de-stress the home. It purifies the air. You can teach your children how to take care of the plants too! Just some love and care and these plants can really transform the ambiance!

7. Spend Your Money Wisely On Renovation

You may have grand renovation ideas for your house for the New Year but make sure to spend your money carefully. First and foremost, identify the areas that require work. For example, does your house needs a new coat of paint or furnishing needs to be changed. Again it is important to be realistic and be aware of your abilities so that you may not end up wasting money. Think of renovation in such a manner that it should give you a return on your investment.

8. Maintaining Garage Door

No matter what the new year throws your way, it’s recommended to maintain your garage door.  A garage door is important for your security and everyday life. It will save you from the long-term hassle. Don’t wait for minor garage problems to become major issues. Try to take safety measures for the garage door to avoid any mishap.

9. Inspect Your Basement

It’s easy to neglect spaces that you don’t visit frequently but inspecting them can prevent problems down the road. Generally, basement gives a musty smell so you should look for possible foundations leaks or pipe leaks. It can also pull other pollutants from a nearby area and thus degrade indoor air quality. A furnished basement allows for extra living space in homes and makes it more comfortable and appealing. It can even increase your resale value.

10. Do Take Good Care Of Yourself

Last but not the least, all above resolution would mean nothing if you don’t care of yourself. We emphasis more on taking good care of yourself because when your life and home are in chaos, you’re stressed out, right? If you are happy you can take care of the home in an effective and better way. Love your home as it will love you back. Your love can be expressed either by cleaning out your closet or hanging a new light fixture or something bigger like fixing up a bathroom or kitchen- they will all add to your home’s ‘love bank’. It’s worth investing emotional energy in your home as you will notice love coming right back to you.

While there are many ways we can step up in New Year to promote change, we should remember that improvement starts in our home. Our home is everything to us! It’s not just a home but a place where we make memories. The memories which we will cherish lifelong.

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